The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Chapter 81: Dog Eyes Look down on people


It really is..

Dog Eyes Look down on people.

This was a high-end luxury brand shop. The shop assistants here were used to seeing rich families’wives and daughters. They were also very familiar with these rich families’gossip. They were even more familiar with Gu Ruochu’s exploits as the laughing stock of the upper-class society.

As soon as they heard Huo Jingjing say that this was the young madam of the Huo family, all the shop assistants looked at her in a different way. They gave her a neutral look and allowed her to look at them alone.

“Young Madam, you can just look at this side. ”

On the other side, the shop assistants enthusiastically helped the two of them try on their clothes.

Huo Jingjing and Gu Yanwei were trying on a purple dress with a long tail. Gu Yanwei’s figure was not bad. When she tried on the dress, she looked voluptuous, slender and full.

It turned out that Gu Yanwei was so rich. Looking at the dress that she was trying on, the price was estimated to be around 400,000 yuan.

This money was probably paid by Huo Jingjing. This Gu Yanwei was quite good at eating for free.

If you don’t have money, you can still rely on others to show off.

Gu Ruochu retracted her gaze and continued to look at her own dress. An exquisite white dress caught her attention.

“Why, do you fancy this one? ” The salesperson spoke in a tone that was almost contemptuous, “you can’t afford this dress. The diamonds on it are all man-made and are priceless… ”

“Say that again. ”

Gu Ruochu’s tone suddenly turned cold, causing the salesperson to be stunned for a moment and shudder in fear.

Everyone says that Madam Huo has a weak personality, but why does she look a little different now?

“I say… ”

“Who’s your manager? Call him out. ” Gu Ruochu’s tone was slow but firm.

This kind of high and mighty aura was not an act. It was formed from the heavens and carried its own aura.

“Young Madam… ”

The Salesperson gasped!

“What? Do you want me to call him out personally? ” Gu Ruochu’s lips curled into a smile as she enunciated each word clearly.

The salesperson’s face turned pale from the shock of this aura as she wrung the corners of her clothes.

Gu Ruochu’s eyes were slightly cold as she looked at her indifferently, “no matter what my position in the huo family is, it’s not up to you, a salesperson, to look down on me on purpose. Do you understand? ”

What right does an outsider have to look down on me?

“I’m sorry, Young Madam. I didn’t treat you well just now. You can try on this gown. Please follow me, Young Madam. ”

“There’s no need to try it on. Just help me wrap it up. ”

“Alright, alright. I’ll wrap it up for the young Madam right away. ” The salesperson could not be more shocked when she saw that she had actually taken out a limited edition unlimited overdraft black card.

“Who gave you this card? ” Huo Jingjing walked over and saw the limited edition black card.

“Did you steal my brother’s card? ”

Listening to Huo Jingjing’s sharp voice, Gu Ruochu finally realized the true difference between a mistress and a socialite.

Mrs. Huo may have been very tolerant towards Huo Jingjing, but it was just a “kill-with-flattery” technique used by the rich and powerful. It was like raising a little dog to amuse her, but she did not intend to raise it properly.

Huo Jingjing definitely did not have a good future in the future.

“What, you stole it? ”

No Way!

It seemed that Huo Shao and his wife did not have a good relationship.

Seeing that all the shop assistants around were looking at Gu Ruochu suspiciously, gu Yanwei advised softly from the side, “Ah Chu, we’ve all seen Nanchen’s attitude towards you. He should… he shouldn’t have given you a limited edition card. Return the card to Nanchen when you get back. It won’t be good if he gets angry. ”

As Huo Nanchen was a special customer of the bank, the card and the person had been authenticated by a special real name. There was no need for a password to swipe this card.

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