The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Chapter 80 looks down on her


If you still want to bully me like you did in the past, you’d better wake up properly!

Thinking about what she had said before, Zhou Yunxi was completely at a loss for words. She stubbornly said, “anyway, you’re my child. You can only endure whatever I say! ”

Gu Yanwei sighed and looked at her as she comforted her, “Ah Chu, you must listen to your mother from now on. Don’t be as stubborn and insensible as you are now. ”

If only Gu Ruochu were as obedient as before.

Seeing that Gu Yanwei was still trying to brainwash her, Gu Ruochu scoffed, “are you an idiot? Why should I listen to your idiotic sayings? I’d better leave first. My husband doesn’t allow me to talk to idiots. ”

The last line of the new online joke was filled with an unusual sense of ridicule and ridicule. It was even displayed on her face!

Gu Yanwei:”…”

“Aren’t you going to try on clothes with me? Then why aren’t you leaving? ” Gu Ruochu let go of Zhou Yunxi’s hand and took the lead to leave the room.

Gu Yanwei detested her high and mighty attitude, so she held huo Jingjing’s hand and followed her downstairs.

“Forget it, let’s not argue with her. ” Huo Jingjing glared angrily at the woman’s elegant figure, “sister Yanwei, sooner or later, I will help you kick this woman out of the Huo family! In my heart, only you are worthy of big brother. ”

“There’s no rush. ” Gu Yanwei held huo Jingjing’s hand as she had her own plans in mind.

Gu Ruochu came downstairs and saw Huo Zijun half-leaning on the SOFA playing a game. She waved at him.

“sister-in-law, are you going to try on a gown? ”

He actually looked quite similar to Huo Nanchen, but he gave off a completely different feeling. It was as if Xu Yichen and Rong Xiao were both handsome men of different styles.

“Yes, ” Gu Ruochu replied. Her extremely bright and beautiful face was as exquisite as a hand-drawn painting.

Huo Zijun was stunned. How could he not have realized that his sister-in-law was even more stunning than a beauty like Gu Yanwei.

Tonight, he believed that he was not the only one who was shocked. Holy Shit, there’s going to be a good show tonight.

“Yes, do you want to come along? ”

“Ah, no… No. ” Huo Zijun came back to his senses. He felt a headache coming on when he saw the women behind him. He decided to give up on the idea …

Gu Yanwei and Huo Jingjing walked out of the door side by side. As expected, they saw the Ferrari in front of them. The driver was waiting by the side.

Gu Ruochu sat in the front of the car. She did not want to be together with the two scumbags and immediately got into the passenger seat.

Along the way, Huo Jingjing and Gu Yanwei were chatting and laughing. However, they deliberately ignored Gu Ruochu. The driver looked at the person next to him awkwardly but realized that he did not care at all.

Soon, they arrived at the designated high-end dress shop. Huo Jingjing and Gu Yanwei arrogantly entered the shop under the warm hospitality of the staff. They ignored Gu Ruochu.

“Miss Huo, Miss Gu, are you here to see the dress? ”

“Yes, there’s a banquet tonight. Help sister Yanwei pick out a beautiful dress. ”

“Yes, Miss Huo. ” The salesperson was very attentive. She glanced at Gu Ruochu and asked in confusion, “this is… ”

Gu Ruochu had been haughtily forgotten by Huo Jingjing and Gu Yanwei to a corner. However, her bright and flamboyant face attracted the salesperson’s attention.

Perhaps she had followed Miss Huo here.

“This is, ” Huo Jingjing said sarcastically, “isn’t this the young Madam of the Huo Family? ”

As soon as the word ‘young Madam’ came out, the salesperson immediately knew the identity of this person.

It was extremely vulgar and was the hallmark of this young Madam Huo.

“Young Madam, come over here and take a look. ” The salesperson looked at her with disdain and disdain, leading her directly to the low-class area.

Meanwhile, Huo Jingjing and Gu Yanwei were looking at the high-class area.

This salesperson was obviously looking down on Gu Ruochu.

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