The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Chapter 76, the so-called apology


“mother, should I apologize to my younger sister? After all, I’m her older sister. I can’t take a step back and really have a grudge against my younger sister. My younger sister is actually… already pitiful enough. ”

Indeed, even her biological mother loathed her. Everyone knew that she was a vulgar good-for-nothing and felt that she was lower than herself by more than a level.

Gu Ruochu, of course she was pitiful.

If she were to use a little trick to trick her at the Huo family’s banquet this time, perhaps even Mrs. Huo’s remaining patience with her would be completely exhausted.

Gu Yanwei hesitated for a moment before she began to discuss with Zhou Yunxi.

“apologize? What do you mean by apologize? Besides, that wretched girl’s temper has become so bad. Even if you apologize, she might ignore you. She might even take the opportunity to step on you a few times. ”

At the mention of Gu Ruochu, Zhou Yunxi’s stomach was filled with anger “She doesn’t even know how to weigh her own weight. How could a vulgar good-for-nothing like her sit firmly in the position of Madam Huo? It’s better to give it to you so that she can get some benefits from you in the future. ”

I’m clearly thinking of that damned girl. Why doesn’t she appreciate my kindness at all!

In Zhou Yunxi’s heart, Gu Ruochu was exactly like this. Unfortunately, she did not know it.

“Mother, forget it. If AH CHU is so overconfident, don’t blame us for not warning her. ” Gu Yanwei continued to speak gently as if her words were truly for Gu Ruochu’s own good.

“You said last time that that damned girl had formed a company with someone else? ”

“Yes, and I also heard that AH CHU had signed up for some director class. That place is filled with outstanding talents. Ah Chu thinks too highly of herself. ”

“Director? How can she be a director like that? ” Zhou Yunxi felt as if she had just heard the biggest joke in the world.

“Let her do whatever she wants. ” Zhou Yunxi’s lips curled into a mocking smile. “When the time comes, Mrs. Huo will know that Gu Ruochu is no ordinary good-for-nothing. She can’t even compete with a single finger of yours. ”

“Alright. ”

Gu Yanwei had a look of certainty on her face. She was naturally gifted and intelligent. As long as Gu Ruochu wanted to do something, she would interfere and ruin it. She would let Gu Ruochu know how big the gap between her and herself was!


“Master Qi, actually, you don’t need to go to this international director training class. Compared to them, you’re already an international director. ”

Even though an Cheng’s international director class was a place where many talented people gathered, Gu Ruochu was already an internationally renowned director before she was reborn. She could instantly kill a group of people when she debuted.

A few days ago, when Rong Xiao found out that Gu Ruochu had registered for this director class, he was really shocked.

“It’s because I’m an international director that I should go. ” Gu Ruochu’s eyes were pitch-black and bright. The corners of her lips curled up in an evil smile “I’m the Huo family’s “delicate” young lady. Isn’t it unreasonable for me to suddenly become a high-level new director? I have to be logical in everything, right? ”

“I understand. ” Rong Xiao expressed his understanding. He reached out and nudged her elbow and said seriously, “master Qi, it’s time for you to show off again. ”

If a person with real power disguised as Xiao Bai and entered the training class, wouldn’t they have to start showing off all sorts of things?

Gu Ruochu:”…”

“Rong Xiao, do you want a beating? ”

Gu Ruochu curled the corners of her lips and punched him until he cried out in pain. The director’s training class would begin in the next few days. Gu Ruochu planned to observe from the side first to see the quality of the class.

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