The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Chapter 74: The upcoming banquet


“If you really dare to do this, I’ll break your legs. ”

Huo Nanchen’s words caused Huo Zijun’s face to fall.

After Gu Ruochu emerged from the hot spring, her expression was the same as usual as she had lunch with the others at the resort. She then planned to look for Rong Xiao and Xu Yichen.

The company had been officially established and Rong Xiao had used all sorts of channels to recruit and hire people. The new company had already taken on a small scale and Gu Ruochu planned to take a look first.

Mrs. Huo had never restricted Gu Ruochu’s freedom. After spending some time with her, she was more or less aware of her personality and naturally would not interfere with her. This little girl had her own boundaries and boundaries.

“Ruo Chu, there’s something I almost forgot to remind you about. ” Mrs. Huo suddenly remembered something and solemnly instructed “There’s a large-scale dinner party to be held at home in a few days. Your father will be inviting some celebrities from all walks of life over. There’s still a few days left, you should prepare well. ”

The Huo family was a well-known family in an city. Hosting all kinds of large and small banquets was a common occurrence.

This was their circle. As Madam Huo, it was impossible for Gu Ruochu to avoid socializing with them.

In the past, whenever there was an event like this, Gu Ruochu would feel as if she was facing a great enemy because she would definitely make a fool of herself in front of everyone.

Back then, Mrs. Huo had hated Gu Ruochu for failing to live up to her expectations. Fortunately, Gu Yanwei was still able to take care of things on her own, accompanying her in and out of entertaining guests. Gradually, Mrs. Huo began to have a good impression of Gu Yanwei.

In the eyes of outsiders, Gu Yanwei was like the young Madam Huo. She was even more worthy of her name than the Real Young Madam Huo.

Most of the people who attended these banquets were from the upper class. There were also invited reporters and the media. Back then, Gu Ruochu’s reputation had been ruined little by little.

Even though Gu Ruochu had changed, Mrs. Huo was still worried that she would not be able to control herself.

This banquet was the first time the Huo family had held such a grand banquet after Gu Ruochu’s car accident.

“Alright, I understand. ”

Gu Ruochu nodded and took this matter to heart.

Huo Nanchen did not ask her where she was going, but there was a hint of other emotions in his eyes. It was as if there was a layer of mist in between them.

Gu Ruochu raised her eyes slightly, but it was a deep darkness. No one knew what she was thinking.

Everyone thought that she was unbearably vulgar and a good-for-nothing. No matter how she looked or how she looked, she could never compare to Gu Yanwei.

This time, she wanted to let Gu Yanwei know. She, Gu Yanwei, no longer had the right to compare to her, Gu Ruochu!

She slowly curled the corners of her lips, casting a shadow on the side.

Huo Zijun sometimes felt that from a certain point of view, Gu Ruochu and his brother really looked alike.

He suddenly wanted to know what kind of good show was waiting for him.

Gu Ruochu drove to the company. Rong Xiao was crossing his legs as he watched the recent major events in the entertainment industry. His good-looking hands were typing skillfully on the keyboard.

“You’re here? Have a seat, make yourself at home. ”

“MM. ” Gu Ruochu casually sat next to Rong Xiao and told him about the events that had happened in the Huo family home over the past few days.

Rong Xiao stopped typing and looked at Gu Ruochu as if he had seen a ghost, “you mean… Huo Nanchen? ! ”

The name Huo Nanchen was like a warning line in his brain. He had become famous at a young age and was born into a wealthy family like the military, business, and political circles.

That was why Rong Xiao had often heard of his name when he was young. His impression of him was that he was cold, resolute, and dangerous.

It was the same for Gu Ruochu. She had long known that she must not provoke this kind of person.

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