The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Chapter 72 was most afraid that the air would suddenly become quiet


Little did she know that her actions had unknowingly angered this man.

Huo Nanchen reached out and pressed the man against his bare chest. Gu Ruochu touched his well-defined skin, which was warm, elastic, and delicate.

He opened his mouth and fiercely pierced through her lips and tongue. The tip of his tongue began to wreak havoc and entwined intensely, not giving her a chance to escape.

It was unknown what kind of evil fire was running through her body, burning bit by bit.

Gu Ruochu’s entire body was lifted out of the hot spring as he made a splash. His slender legs firmly clamped around his waist and his hand grabbed the air a few times before unconsciously grabbing his head His hand rubbed his scalp as he grabbed his short hair.

“Huo Nanchen, calm down! ”

“Huo Nanchen! ”

He did not speak as his teeth slowly rubbed against her fair neck, leaving a series of purplish-green hickeys. He continued to kiss and lick her snow-white neck.


Gu Ruochu’s eyes slowly turned dark and cold. She never thought that this man’s wolf nature had been completely stimulated.

A man usually thinks with his lower body, and when he sees himself, he can’t help himself.

Every part of her was in front of his eyes, so much so that his eyes were a little straight… …

The first time he saw her breasts, his hand gave a perverse squeeze.

Her sudden exclamation had an unspeakable sweetness in his ears, and a string of tension in his brain had been broken. …

He wants it. He wants it!

Anyway, she’s his wife. It’s perfectly normal for a gun to go off in a hot spring.

Wild, impulsive!

In Gu Ruochu’s perception, he was calm and restrained. However, this was the first time he had seen a fierce and impulsive Huo Nanchen.

She had never seen such a strange Huo Nanchen, so strange that she thought it was someone else.

Even Rong Xiao knew that this man was simply a difficult target in hell mode. He would never fall in love with a woman, and now he’s falling in love with her… …

He was now..

So fierce and wild.



Knock, knock, knock

There was a sudden and urgent knock on the door. Gu Ruochu finally managed to pull out her tongue from his lips and forcefully pushed the man in front of her away.

“Who is it? ! ”

If Huo Nanchen had any hair on his body, Gu Ruochu felt like she was about to explode.

The atmosphere outside weakened and it was the waiter’s voice, “Madam Huo, our chef has made a few new desserts and has specially brought them over for Madam Huo to try… “.

The desserts here were very popular. Initially, he had wanted to give Madam Huo some desserts to compliment her. If he was lucky, he might even be able to strike up a conversation with her. However, she seemed to have… … interrupted something extraordinary …

A PILL It’s definitely a pill!


A man’s angry voice was heard from inside. The waitress was so frightened that she almost rolled and crawled away. In an instant, she had disappeared without a trace.

Huo Nanchen thought that he had a bad temper but this was the first time he had been so angry in front of an outsider.

When he tried to calm his body and heart, he saw Gu Ruochu looking at him. There was an indescribable calmness and indifference in her expression.

“Master Huo, has the anger from earlier subsided? ”

He looked at the person in front of him who was less than half a meter away from him. His heart suddenly froze like an ice pillar. He no longer had the fiery heat and impatience from earlier.

He was most afraid of the air, but it had suddenly become quiet.

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