The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Chapter Seven


“Gu Ruochu, who taught you to speak like that? ” Huo Nanchen’s expression suddenly changed. It was as if he was hidden in the darkness and was in mortal danger.

Gu Ruochu’s expression changed slightly. This person’s aura was too powerful.

“before entering the Huo family home, haven’t you heard of the rules that Madam Huo should abide by? ”

Where had the timid but obedient wife gone?

“rules? Even if I had taught her, I wouldn’t have listened. ” Gu Ruochu shrugged her shoulders indifferently. Her expression was arrogant and willful.

Of course, Huo Nanchen was not in the mood to think about why a woman’s temperament had suddenly changed, even if it was his wife. “Get out of my sight immediately. ”

Gu Ruochu’s eardrums were almost shattered by a loud roar.

Perhaps it was because this person was born with dignity, but Gu Ruochu had actually made way for him. When she regained her senses, the wealthy ladies on the other side were all laughing. There was no lack of ridicule.

Mrs. Huo watched from the side coldly. She thought that her daughter-in-law was indeed unable to suppress her son and win over Nanchen’s heart. No wonder she has yet to consummate her marriage. If it had been Yanwei, she would have received good news by now.

Gu Yanwei’s eyes were gentle as she stood by the side with a harmless expression on her face. She was as dignified and elegant as ever.

She had thought that Gu Ruochu would be embarrassed. Who would have thought that she would actually follow Huo Nanchen upstairs? That menacing and cold smile of hers once again opened Mrs. Huo’s eyes to her daughter-in-law.

Huo Nanchen seemed to be in a bad mood as he closed the bedroom door casually.

Who would have thought that the door would be kicked open? That’s right, it was kicked open.

Huo Nanchen turned around and saw her. His expression instantly turned ugly as his deep, bottomless eyes revealed an extreme sense of danger.

“What are you doing? ! ”

He was very fierce but Gu Ruochu was not gentle either. “Your bedroom is my bedroom and I can’t come in? ”

“Get out, your room is next door! ”

This man has such a violent temper?

Huo Nanchen pointed with his finger and Gu ruochu instantly understood. It turned out that this couple did not sleep on the same bed. This body is so beautiful but this man was actually unmoved.

The point is, he still treats me like a soft persimmon and can pinch me however he wants He had told her to get lost, but she refused to get lost!

Gu Ruochu walked over arrogantly and lay down on Huo Nanchen’s bed. Her movements were smooth and smooth. Huo Nanchen did not expect this woman to be so bold. He stared fixedly at the person on the bed.

Very well, she really did not have any intention of joking.

Gu Ruochu closed her eyes and felt that the bed was very soft and comfortable.

“Get out! ”

“Can you change the line? ! ” Gu Ruochu felt as if her ears were about to be callused. She felt as if the bed had suddenly collapsed and a black shadow was cast over. It was dark and gloomy.

“Are you just going to casually lie on a man’s bed? ” The curve of his thin lips was seductive and seductive. It was like a demonic sound in her ears as it spread out in circles.

Gu Ruochu opened her eyes and met the pair of extremely dark eyes.

“Have you seen enough? ”

Gu Ruochu looked at his thin eyes with an inquisitive and scrutinizing gaze. It was as if an X-ray was trying to see through her. For the first time, she felt uneasy. It was only because of a person’s gaze.

“You’re still looking? ” He roared again.

Who is looking at who?

“I can’t eat you if I keep looking. Why are you so fierce? ! ” Gu Ruochu only wanted to sleep quietly. She stared at the furry man in front of her and was so numb that she did not know where his bad habit came from.

Huo Nanchen was unhappy again because of her words. He looked at her with a threatening gaze, “you can’t casually say these words to other men in the future. Pay attention to your current Madam Huo’s principles! ”

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