The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Chapter 65: Drive them away


Huo Nanchen’s expression darkened even more when he heard those words. He had always been in a high and mighty position and had never lowered his head for anyone. However, he realized that he had made an exception in front of Gu Ruochu.

Gu Ruochu was pushed away as soon as she regained her balance.

A bone-chilling temperature surrounded his body as he brushed past Gu Ruochu. Mrs. Huo sighed helplessly as she watched the scene of Nan Chen and Ruo Chu getting along.

It seems that this couple still needs to slowly get used to each other.

“mother-in-law, look at Nanchen. He really doesn’t put me, his mother-in-law, in his eyes at all! ”

Once Huo Nanchen had left, Zhou Yunxi once again became arrogant and her face darkened. After blaming Huo Nanchen, she pointed the blame at Gu Ruochu.

“Gu Ruochu, look at what you’ve done to your sister Your sister was so good to you back then. How can you be so heartless now You’ve caused your sister to lose all her face outside. You’ve even caused those upper-class people to misunderstand your sister “You… are you really going to make me so angry that I won’t give up? ”

Gu Ruochu saw that Zhou Yunxi was angry and a faint smile appeared on her face. No matter how she looked at it, she was gloating over Zhou Yunxi’s misfortune. She was not like the original owner, Gu Nianzhi, who was called family. Zhou Yunxi’s furious look made her very happy.

All this while, Gu Yanwei had been Zhou Yunxi’s treasure. Hurting Gu Yanwei was hurting Zhou Yunxi.

“YOU DAMNED GIRL! ” Zhou Yunxi saw that Gu Ruochu was unmoved and completely ignored Mrs. Huo’s fierce slap. Instead, Gu Ruochu firmly held her hand.

“I harmed my sister? ” The corners of Gu Ruochu’s mouth twitched. She looked at Zhou Yunxi’s unreasonable face and wanted to slap her. However, she held it in for the time being.

“I was merely giving her a taste of her own medicine. My sister likes to see my reputation ruined so much. If I don’t let her experience it firsthand, how can I live up to her “kindness” towards me? ”

“What right do you have to say these things? Since I’ve given birth to you and raised you, you must listen to me no matter what I say. Otherwise, you will be disobedient and unfilial and will receive retribution. Go and apologize now and say that you deliberately smeared your sister’s name! ”

In Zhou Yunxi’s heart, no matter what kind of conditions she proposed, Gu Ruochu should accept them unconditionally. In the past, Gu Ruochu had almost been completely brainwashed by her theory, that was why she had submitted to it.

But now, Gu Ruochu only felt that this was a complete joke.

“Zhou Yunxi, now I’m starting to wonder if Yan Wei is your adopted daughter or if Ruo Chu is your adopted daughter. ” Mrs. Huo laughed in anger. Even she felt that everything that had happened before her eyes was ridiculous. She did not know what Zhou Yunxi was thinking.

“Yan Wei is my adopted daughter, but she’s kind and heartless. On the other hand, my biological daughter, who has been scheming since she was a child, is not like me at all. Sometimes, I really wish that Yan Wei was my biological daughter.”Zhou Yunxi looked at Gu Ruochu She was extremely disgusted.

Mrs. Huo felt as if her worldview had been refreshed. How could anyone hate their own child so much.

“very well, mother. Since you think that Gu Yanwei is your daughter, you can just follow her from now on. There’s no need for you to stay in the Huo family. I won’t blame you if you don’t treat me like your daughter. “I’ve done my best for you after staying in the Huo family for so many days. Now, go with your biological daughter. ” Gu Ruochu nodded and smiled as if it was a matter of fact She spread her hands.

Gu Ruochu could not be bothered to kill Zhou Yunxi. However, Zhou Yunxi was simply courting death. Hence, she had deliberately provoked Zhou Yunxi to lose her composure just now so that Mrs. Huo could see her true colors.

Gu Ruochu’s words made Zhou Yunxi’s face turn Pale.

Does Gu Ruochu mean to drive me and Yanwei away?

No… … How can this be ! !

Zhou Yunxi subconsciously turned to look at Mrs. Huo, only to find that she was unmoved and unusually cold.

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