The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Chapter 62, what do you think of me?


A firm and warm chest suddenly pressed against me and I was hugged to the waist.

Gu Ruochu glanced sideways and was stunned. Her eyes met that stunning face.

“Why are you here? ”

Huo Nanchen did not say a word but his deep eyes suddenly lit up with a scorching heat. Gu Ruochu felt that there was something strange in his eyes as if there was a kind of… … Desire ? ?

Gu Ruochu lowered her head. From this angle, she could see the glory of her chest. She had accidentally slipped and almost bumped into this man, so her clothes were a little messy.

She was shocked and quickly straightened her body to tidy herself up.

Huo Nanchen watched her every move and suddenly pounced from behind. His hands were propped up against the bedroom wall. Gu Ruochu once again crashed into his arms.

Her front was pressed against his chest which was heaving up and down, while her back was pressed against the cold wall.

“Huo Nanchen! ” Gu Ruochu did not know when but she realized that the one who had exploded had become her. In front of this man, she gradually felt a sense of powerlessness.

“who was the man sitting next to you at the auction? ”

“just a normal friend. ”

“A normal friend? A male friend who would whisper into your ear? ”

Huo Nanchen was very close to her. They both breathed in and out as he suddenly bit her ear hard. Although it did not hurt, the heat was scorching.

She felt a sharp pain in her heart.

“Have you gone mad? ”

Huo Nanchen seemed to have been triggered by these three words. He thought of that sudden kiss and felt as if he had unlocked a button on his body. At this moment, he kissed her without a care in the world.

Perhaps he had gone mad. Whenever he thought of her face to him, it seemed to be mixed with half-truths and half-lies.

At this moment, what exactly did she..

Think of him?

A man?

Or was it just a husband who shared the same bed but had different dreams?

Gu Ruochu felt as if her entire body had lost its strength. She was held by a long and strong arm and could only passively endure his kiss. She could sense that his body was tense and his eyes were filled with lust.

She did not know if it was a punishment from anger or if it was a form of indulgence.

Nanny Zhang squatted at the end of the building, her hands covering her mouth tightly. She was afraid that she would scream in excitement if she couldn’t hold it in. She hid herself while she couldn’t help but watch from the side.

It was explosive!

Huo was… … burning with desire ! !

As the captain of the gossip team, Nanny Zhang began to slowly move downstairs. She was so excited that she wanted to tell Mrs. Huo everything she saw.

On the other side, when the main media outlet, Sunshine News Network’s sworn enemy, Qingyi News Network released a video and explained the cause of the incident from beginning to end. They even released a lot of evidence in a timely manner Many people who were paying attention to the news of Mrs. Huo’s love affair were in an uproar

It was an in-depth reconstruction of the incident of Mrs. Huo being cheated on. The person behind the revelation was actually the young Madam’s sister!

The sisters in the video had been coded so that their faces could not be seen clearly, but the voices inside were clearly heard. People quickly realized the truth of the matter

In order to pay off the gambling debt, he actually sold his sister into the huo family!

He poached his sister to be a mistress!

The anonymous revelation was just to smear him and get to the top!

All of a sudden, the truth was automatically reconstructed by the netizens. It turned out that the one who had exposed the truth was the scheming b * Tch who had pretended to be innocent. Madam Huo had been so pitifully tricked by HER SO-CALLED ELDER SISTER!

The angry netizens realized that they had been led astray. The anger of being tricked made the netizens even more agitated. They could not help but post comments on the news platform denouncing the Scheming B * Tch. There were all kinds of nasty comments. They were even more impassioned than when they had scolded Gu Ruochu.

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