The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Chapter 59 public exposure 3


Is this woman crazy Casually recording someone else’s video Cold Sweat broke out on Gu Yanwei’s forehead. She was afraid to look at Mrs. Huo’s expression.

She had been too careless!

In this video, Mrs. Huo saw a Gu Yanwei whom she had never seen before.

Vicious, hypocritical, and vicious.

She widened her eyes in surprise as if she could not believe it.

Gu Ruochu turned off the video A smile slowly appeared on her face. “sister, do you think that if I expose this video, the netizens will still think that I stole your man Not only do I have this video, but I have other evidence, and you think I’m not gonNa find anything because you leaked it anonymously What do you think people are gonNA think when they find out it’s you… . .”

In order to poach, sister malicious exposure sister, this news title should be enough hot!

“This material, is Yan Wei Burst? ” Mrs. Huo was surprised, hesitant eyes fell on Gu Yanwei, “Yan Wei, what on earth is going on? ”

She had always known that Gu Yanwei liked Nanchen, but she had never known that Gu Yanwei harbored such deep malice towards her own sister. She had even claimed that Gu Ruochu was her stepping stone!

Most importantly, Gu Yanwei had always been a good sister who cared about Ruo Chu in front of her.

At this moment, Mrs. Huo Actually did not know which one of her was the real one. If the person who leaked the information behind the scenes was really her, Mrs. Huo did not know whether she should believe the so-called news of the affair!

In that instant, Mrs. Huo’s gaze on Gu Yanwei sharpened.

Even if Gu Yanwei was good at acting, she did not know where to begin to explain herself in the face of this video. Her face was extremely Pale. She never thought that Gu Ruochu would have found out about her long ago!

Gu Ruochu scoffed coldly, “back then, you sold me into the huo family to pay off your gambling debts. Now, you’re acting pitifully and saying that I stole your man. Later on, you’re going to show off in front of me and replace me sooner or later. “sister, I’m afraid that you didn’t graduate from the Drama Academy, Did you? ”

The last sentence was filled with mockery.

Gu Yanwei froze. She had been acting in front of Mrs. Huo just a moment ago, but now she had turned into a b * Tch who was trying to poach her.

Mrs. Huo was completely enraged. “So you’re saying that you really want to replace Ruo Chu by exposing her so-called scandal in the media? Gu Yanwei, don’t you know that Ruo Chu represents the entire Huo family? ”

Gu Yanwei’s face was pale and she had no ability to defend herself.

“Gu Ruochu, what nonsense are you making up? Yanwei is your sister, she’s always been obedient. How could you harm her like this You… … You’re really pissing me off ! You don’t deserve to be Madam Huo just because of your vile character. Your sister is much stronger than you!”

Zhou Yunxi saw that her eldest daughter had been scolded and could not wait to come over and give Gu Ruochu a few slaps. At this point, Zhou Yunxi did not forget to step on Gu Ruochu in front of Mrs. Huo and flatter Gu Yanwei at the same time.

“Yes, my character is vile. “However, I will not sell my younger sister to pay off my gambling debts. I will not spread the news online to replace my younger sister’s identity. I will not be a mistress trying to poach my sister while she’s living a happy life… … No, you can’t even be called a mistress. My husband has never even looked at you from the beginning to the end. Your wishful thinking can only be called a drama Queen!”

Gu Ruochu knew that Mrs. Huo already knew what was going on in her heart. She did not want to see Gu Yanwei’s hypocritical face again.

“mother, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go upstairs first. ”

“rest well. I’ll take care of the news. ” Mrs. Huo looked at her in a different way. Ruo Chu’s aura was like that of a daughter-in-law of the Huo family.

News Gu Ruochu had just sent a message to Rong Xiao and the others. Once the news was released, she would like to see who would lose their reputation!

She slowly curled the corners of her lips. The smile in her eyes gave Gu Yanwei an ominous feeling.

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