The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Chapter 57: Exposing the Truth in public


“Alright, I understand. Be careful. We’ll handle the new company. You can rest assured, ” Rong Xiao said worriedly. After all, Gu Yanwei still had many helpers.

“Alright. ” Gu Ruochu nodded. She then took out her car keys from her bag and left the company. She then drove straight to the Huo residence.


At the Huo residence, Gu Yanwei sat on the sofa with a pale face. From time to time, she would look towards the entrance of the villa as if she was anxiously waiting for Gu Ruochu’s return.

She secretly glanced at Mrs. Huo’s gloomy face and a sharp light flashed in her eyes. This time, Gu Ruochu would not be able to clear her name even if she were to jump into the Yellow River!

A wealthy family like the Huo family would never allow a stain like Gu Ruochu to exist. Gu Ruochu was as stupid as she used to be. With a little trick from her, she would not be able to escape.

“Aunt, my second brother and I have long felt that Gu Ruochu is not worthy of the Huo family, much less my eldest brother Back then, you and grandfather insisted on letting her in. I don’t know what has gotten into you Ever since she had entered the Huo family home, how many times had she made a fool of herself and made a fool of herself Look, now big brother has been cheated on, hasn’t he?”Huo Jingjing added fuel to the fire “maybe that woman is pregnant with someone else’s bastard child! ”

Mrs. Huo had always been annoyed. Now that Huo Jingjing was giving her a headache, she raised her voice, “Gu Ruochu was originally appointed by your grandfather to marry into the huo family’s granddaughter-in-law. If you object so much, why didn’t you dare to suggest it in front of grandfather? ”

Huo Jingjing choked and did not respond.

Even her father did not dare to go against the old man’s wishes, let alone her granddaughter!

“Jingjing, don’t bother Auntie huo anymore. ” Gu Yanwei spoke slowly on the side and acted as a peacemaker. Huo Jingjing could not help but speak up again.

“Auntie, sister Yanwei is much better than that Gu Ruochu. She’s gentle and generous, unlike that woman who’s full of schemes. In my entire life, I’ve always considered Yanwei as my sister-in-law! ”

“Jingjing! ”

Seeing Huo Jingjing acting coquettishly, Mrs. Huo’s eyes revealed a sense of helplessness. However, the way she looked at Gu Yanwei became more thoughtful. Perhaps, her previous thought was right.

Mother Zhang stood at the side and could not help but curse in her heart.

This eldest miss really thinks too highly of herself. No matter who she calls her sister-in-law, Huo Shao must admit to it. She felt that Gu Yanwei was the scheming B * Tch. How could the young Madam be as scheming as her.

“The young Madam is back! ”

The servants outside rushed in as they reported the news.

Mrs. Huo stood up abruptly and sat back down with a dark expression on her face. She waited patiently for Gu Ruochu.

Gu Ruochu had already entered the room and was the first to notice Mrs. Huo’s dark face. She already knew what was going on. Gu Yanwei had probably slandered her in front of Mrs. Huo many times before this.

“Mother, I’m back. ”

“You still have the cheek to come back! ” Mrs. Huo scoffed coldly and threw all the newspapers on the coffee table. “Look at all the news. You’re quite capable. You’ve taken up all the headlines about the huo family’s scandals! ”

Seeing Mrs. Huo lose her temper, Gu Yanwei quickly walked towards Gu Ruochu with a worried look on her face “Gu Ruochu, why don’t you apologize to Auntie Huo? As long as you stop interacting with that man, Auntie Huo will definitely forgive you! ” “I’ve told you before, Auntie is so good to you and Nanchen is so outstanding. No matter how willful you are, you can’t do anything to let them down. You’ve really disappointed me! ”

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