The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Chapter 56 allows you to run 39 meters first


Mrs. Huo’s heart skipped a beat when she saw the cell phone that Gu Yanwei had handed her. She had a bad feeling about this.

The largest news outlet in an city, the sunbeam website, was in an uproar at this moment. The mainstream media was filled with photos of Gu Ruochu and a man. They were all satirizing the romantic affairs of the wealthy families and the fact that the young master of the Huo family had been cuckolded after his marriage.

The moment the photos were released, the news of Mrs. Huo’s infidelity immediately grabbed the headlines on all the major platforms. The upper-class circle had long known of Gu Ruochu’s terrible reputation. Now, they despised her even more. The news instantly pushed Gu Ruochu into the limelight once again.

Other than this topic, it also revealed that the young Madam had snatched her sister’s man. Not only had she been seducing other men, she had even made things difficult for her sister-in-law in public!

In an instant, the comments of the green tea whore, the two-timing woman, the scheming woman, and the others went into an uproar.

The netizens saw that this woman had used such a despicable method to win over their beloved prince charming. She had successfully risen to the top and was still seducing other men outside. This could not be tolerated!

When Mrs. Huo saw this news, her initially doubtful eyes gradually turned icy cold.

This Gu Ruochu was actually a restless person.

At first, she thought that her daughter-in-law would improve.

It seemed that she had given her too much hope.

Gu Ruochu had just taken a sip of red wine when her mobile phone suddenly rang in her handbag. She conveniently placed the goblet on the high platform next to her and answered the call.

“Gu Ruochu, you disgraceful thing, get back here now! You’ve been fooling around outside, you’ve completely disgraced my mother! Can you not be so cheap… ”

Gu Ruochu raised her brows as she listened to Zhou Yunxi’s curses on the other end of the phone. She had no idea what this Zhou Yunxi was up to this time. She was biting people as if she had rabies.

“Mother, if you have rabies, go get it treated. Why are you barking at me like that? ”

Gu Ruochu hung up the phone without waiting for her mother to speak.

What a lunatic!

“Master Qi, look at this! ”

Just as Gu Ruochu hung up the phone, Rong Xiao had already handed it to her. Gu Ruochu immediately saw the news that covered the sky and earth. It was all disgraceful insults and curses. The corners of her lips curled into a cold smile. One could even imagine who was messing with her behind her back!

Gu Yanwei, you sure are capable!

Xu Yichen frowned, “are the media so good at making groundless accusations these days? ”

“Gu Yanwei loves to defame this little sister the most. Needless to say, she wants to further ruin my reputation. ” Gu Ruochu put the phone back into her bag without the slightest bit of panic “Does she still think that I’m as easy to bully as the original owner? If she wants to defame me like before, no way! This time, I want her to know what it means to cry rhythmically! ”

She had already prepared her 40-meter-long sword and allowed Gu Yanwei to run 39 meters first. She was going to make Gu Yanwei pay ten times the price for what she had suffered now!

“Yichen, I’ll go back to the huo family first. This is the video that I took in my bedroom not long ago. You guys make some preparations first. When the time comes, you can sell the video to the news media that is in direct confrontation with the Sunshine News Network. Don’t these netizens like to watch the show How can we leave if we haven’t watched enough of the show?”

“What’s this? ” Rong Xiao took the USB in her hand with some doubt.

“Didn’t those people always say that Gu Yanwei is elegant and beautiful? When this video is released, I’m afraid many people will be shocked. I want to show them who the real mistress is! ”

“Oh, there’s a video and the truth. It seems you’ve already prepared for this. ”

“The last time she and Huo Jingjing ganged up to snatch my land, I’ve already remembered this grudge. Originally, I only wanted a few people to spread the video privately. Now, I don’t have to give her face anymore! ”

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