The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Chapter 51: Find Huo Nanchen


“Alright, I’ll get Yichen to come pick you up. ” It was getting late. When Gu Ruochu learned from her secretary that Huo Nanchen was still in his office, she seemed to have a meeting to attend.

The meeting was at eight o’clock sharp. There were still forty minutes left. Gu Ruochu found Huo Nanchen’s number and picked up the call. She then said, “Huo Nanchen, I have something to talk to you about… ”

Before she could finish her sentence, Huo Nanchen hung up the phone without saying a word.

Hung up?

Gu Ruochu’s heart was filled with anger. She guessed that this man must have felt guilty because of the land in the north of the city.

As she got into the car, she made another call to the man. However, the call was cut off before it could be connected.

“Huo… ”

What the F * CK!

The female secretary, who was still sorting through the documents in the office, suddenly felt the pressure around her very low. She raised her head and saw that the pen in the Boss’s hand was almost deformed between his two slender fingers.

The female secretary subconsciously took two steps back. Her instincts told her that the Boss’s expression must be very terrifying.

Huo Nanchen looked at his wechat. Huo Zirui had just posted a few photos. Gu Ruochu and a man were whispering in each other’s ears as if they were talking about something very intimate.

Huo Nanchen suddenly felt very angry. He had never felt as angry as he was now.

At this very moment, even though Rong Xiao was outside the car, he could feel Gu Ruochu’s anger and the aura of a storm brewing.

“very good, she’s not picking up my calls! ” Gu Ruochu held the steering wheel with one hand and pressed the tip of her tongue against her lips. She then started the engine and headed straight for the office.

This couple was a pair of savage beasts. Master Qi was not planning to fight with his husband, was he.

Rong Xiao Shuddered at the thought of the possibility of coming to the Shura battlefield. He wondered who would be able to win against whom this time?

Gu Ruochu pushed open the car door and headed straight for the main entrance of the office.

“Hello, may I know who you’re looking for? ”

“I’m looking for Huo Nanchen. ”

The receptionist could not help but glance at the woman who spoke when she heard this name.

There was actually a woman who dared to call out the name of the BOSS in such a manner. This was really unheard of.

“My lady, do you have an appointment? ”

“No. Tell him that my name is Gu Ruochu. ” Gu Ruochu tapped her fingers on the front desk in an imposing manner.

The lady at the front desk could not react in time. A gentle smile appeared on her face as she said, “I’m sorry, my lady. Without an appointment, you won’t be able to see President Huo. ”

Gu Ruochu was just about to speak when she heard a puzzled male voice from behind her, “Gu Ruochu? ”

Tang Luo recalled that the Boss’s wife was called Gu Ruochu, right?

Gu Ruochu turned around and saw a young man dressed as a manager. He walked towards her, “is that the Madam? I’ll go up and report to the Boss about the meeting. I’ll bring you in. ”

“alright, thank you. ”

When she heard Tang Luo address her as the Madam, the receptionist opened her mouth wide enough to fit an egg.

The president… … The president’s wife ?

“You’re too kind, madam. ” Tang Luo smiled and sized up the legendary young Madam without batting an eyelid. Gu Yanwei could not compare to her temperament, beauty, and upbringing.

Why is there such a huge gap between them Tang Luo wondered how the rumors about the young Madam had spread in the company.

Seeing is believing, but hearing is believing. This is the truth.

Tang Luo thought to himself as he led Gu Ruochu to the 78th floor. There were still 30 minutes before the meeting began. Gu Ruochu strode towards his office.

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