The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Chapter 45 was extremely ridiculous


“You… you’re my child. Can’t you do something for this family? I’ve sacrificed so much for you since you were young. Now, you can’t wait for me and your sister to have a hard time… can’t you think about how I can provide for you? ”

Zhou Yunxi became a little stammering. If children did not have the right to choose their parents, then she also did not have the right to choose her children.

Yan Wei had been outstanding since she was young. She was obedient and sensible, and she was very likable. On the other hand, the one she had given birth to was stupid and stupid. No matter how she looked at it, she would never be able to rely on her in the future.

She had been biased towards Gu Ruochu since she was young. Now, she does not have any feelings for Gu Ruochu. Instead, she loathed her even more.

However, under Huo Nanchen’s expressionless gaze, she trembled and did not dare to continue speaking.

Gu Ruochu only felt that all of this was laughable. This was her biological mother. It was extremely laughable.

Huo Nanchen glanced at Gu Ruochu and felt an indescribable emotion towards her. With such a mother and such an elder sister, he did not know how she had managed to survive in such a family situation.

“where are you going today? ”

“A coffee shop. I have an appointment. ”

“I’ll give you a lift. ”

“No need. ”

Gu Ruochu habitually refused, causing huo Nanchen to furrow his brows again. Her gaze suddenly fell upon something that looked like a car key. Huo Nanchen’s slender fingers looked very beautiful.

“What’s this? ”

“My car. It’s yours from now on. ”

“Then, thank you. ”

Gu Ruochu looked into the man’s deep eyes and took the car key without a word. It would be a waste not to take it. Gu Yanwei recognized the car keys at a glance. The car keys belonged to the limited edition Porsche 911 luxury car.

How could this be!

Huo Nanchen… … Does he really value Gu Ruochu that much ? It seems that everything has changed since the car accident …

Gu Yanwei’s eyes glazed over at the thought of this possibility. An indescribable jealousy and jealousy filled her heart. Her heart was filled with so much regret that it was about to bleed. If she had been willing to marry Gu Ruochu back then, there would have been nothing to do with her.

However, no matter how much she regretted it, it was useless.

The rest would have to be earned by herself.


After discussing with Rong Xiao and the others on Qq, Gu Ruochu drove straight to the nearest coffee shop. The limited edition luxury car was a little ostentatious and attracted a lot of attention.

There was only one such car in an city.

Gu Ruochu was so ostentatious that even Rong Xiao could not bear to look at her anymore.

The moment she opened the car door, Rong Xiao casually walked over. He leaned against the car door and raised his eyebrows, “good for you. Your husband is so generous to you. Did you turn him gay? ”

“What do you mean by turn him gay? Was I not a woman in the past? Or do you think that I don’t look like a woman from the beginning to the end? ” Gu Ruochu glanced at him and gave him a vicious punch.

Rong Xiao cried out in pain and quickly took off his rimless glasses. His face was as ferocious as ever as he began to fight with Gu Ruochu.

“You still have the nerve to say that? In the past, because of that face, you would be surrounded by thousands of fangirls screaming crazily wherever you went. You were also so vicious in your fights. Tell me, how do you look like a woman? ”

Even though he had changed into a different body, his wild nature had not changed.

“Then you can’t say that to my face! ”

“Society, we can’t afford to mess with it. We can’t afford to mess with it, alright! ”

Looking at Rong Xiao’s half-free and unruly appearance in his shirt, he blew kisses and flirted with the girls around him. Each kiss was accurate, so flirtatious that Gu Ruochu wanted to draw a line between them.

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