The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Chapter 43 was hard to suppress


“Good morning, Ruo Chu. ”

“Why haven’t you gone to work yet? ” Gu Ruochu felt a little strange when she saw Gu Yanwei standing there.

“Do you think that your sister is as idle as you? Yanwei has a career. ” Zhou Yunxi glared at her and said in a sharp voice, “your sister was supposed to have a social engagement tonight. When the time comes, go and help her block the drinks! ”

When the damned girl comes back drunk, she will let Mrs. Huo take a good look at her. Yanwei is the right candidate to be the young Madam Gu Ruochu was stupid and had no fortune. She did not know what she was doing with the title of Young Madam Huo!

If Yan Wei really marries into the huo family, wouldn’t she benefit as well?

“My sister’s social engagements have nothing to do with me. I don’t know how to drink, but I’m pretty good at splashing alcohol. ” She even wanted her to block the alcohol for Gu Yanwei. This mother could no longer be simply called a top-notch, but a retard.

“You! You’ve really given me a lot of power. Who Do you think you are? Have you hardened your wings? ” Zhou Yunxi looked at the unyielding Gu Ruochu and suddenly felt a little flustered.

She had a feeling that from now on, it would be very difficult for her to suppress this little daughter of hers.

Gu Yanwei felt a little irritated when she saw that the mother and daughter were about to quarrel again. Mrs. Huo’s impression of her these past few days was not as good as before. Now that her mother was quarreling with Gu Ruochu in front of the Huo family, it would not be good if she were to be seen!

“mother, stop quarreling. ”

“Ah Chu, I was just about to go. ” Gu Yanwei smiled and turned to look at Gu Ruochu. “Mrs. Huo said that it would not be good for me to go to work alone and always squeeze into the subway, so she sent a chauffeur to pick me up. ”

If Gu Ruochu remembered correctly, this car had always been for her own use. But now, how did it become a pick-up and pick-up for Gu Yanwei.

Without waiting for Zhou Yunxi to utter another word of criticism, Gu Ruochu’s face darkened as she walked towards the Ferrari and knocked on the window. The chauffeur had been waiting for Gu Yanwei, but when he saw that Gu Ruochu was unmoved, he immediately opened the window.

“What’s the matter? ”

When he saw that it was Gu Ruochu, the chauffeur’s eyes were filled with disdain, but it quickly disappeared.

Seeing the chauffeur’s unbridled attitude towards him, even his tone was a little impatient, Gu Ruochu looked at him coldly.

Seriously, he’s courting death!

“Don’t you know that this car is usually used by me? ”

“First Lady, my wife asked me to send Miss Gu to work. If you’re unhappy, you can directly look for my wife instead of making things difficult for a mere chauffeur like me. ”

The chauffeur spoke hypocritically, intending to retreat in order to advance. Unfortunately, Gu Ruochu did not fall for his trick at all.

“Is that so? But I still want to make things difficult for you. ” Gu Ruochu’s lips curled into a cold smile. “since you’ve already said that I’m making things difficult for you, if I don’t make things difficult for you, won’t I be wasting my reputation? ”

Gu Ruochu did not expect a chauffeur to speak in such a tone. Gu Ruochu’s attitude became even more unyielding. “I’ll go and check on my wife myself. But you, get the hell out of here right now! ”

“On what grounds? ”

“On the grounds that I’m the mistress of the Huo family! ” Gu Ruochu moved closer and looked into his eyes. “Do you really think that Gu Yanwei can be your thigh? In your dreams! As long as I’m still in the huo family, no one has the right to bully me! Who Do you think you are? ”

The chauffeur’s body trembled. He knew that he had encountered a tough nut to crack this time.

“young lady, you can’t chase me away so easily! ” The chauffeur did not expect this eldest young lady to be different from the past. However, he remembered that his wife would not fire him so easily. His wife had always been biased towards Miss Gu. The reason why he had dared to give Gu Ruochu such a look.. Was because he wanted to please Gu Yanwei.

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