The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Chapter 37, the so-called biological mother


Even though Gu Yanwei and Zhou Yunxi were present at the table, Gu Ruochu treated them as if they did not exist.

Zhou Yunxi was used to Gu Ruochu’s submissive demeanor. Now that she saw that Gu Ruochu had hardened up, she felt uncomfortable. This damned girl, how can she eat with such peace of mind?

In her opinion, Gu Ruochu should be trembling in fear as she made a living under her hands. She really regretted pushing Gu Ruochu into the huo family. Otherwise, how could she be so glorious now!

Her eldest daughter was so outstanding. She should have been the glorious Madam Huo!

After dinner, Gu Ruochu went upstairs first. Zhou Yunxi followed behind Gu Ruochu. When she turned a corner, she grabbed her and said sternly, “you damned girl, sleep with me tonight. ”

From today onwards, she would find an excuse for Gu Ruochu to sleep with her. She would then make it seem as if Gu Ruochu was unwilling to get close to her husband in front of Mrs. Huo, causing her to completely loathe this money-losing woman!

Zhou Yunxi deliberately lowered her voice, as if she knew that this was not a good thing. Gu Ruochu did not know what her mother was thinking. She raised her brows, “if you’re afraid, let my sister accompany you. ”

Gu Ruochu stretched out her hand and forcefully pulled Zhou Yunxi’s hand away.

Zhou Yunxi did not think that she would dare to reject her Her face turned cold, “damned girl, you don’t listen to anything I say, do you? ” Don’t think that I don’t know how you insulted Yan Wei in front of your mother-in-law just now. You’re a disgrace. Don’t you see what kind of person you are? How can you compare yourself to Yanwei If you have any sense, divorce Huo Shao on your own accord. I’m your biological mother You must listen to me.”

She looked at Gu Ruochu with extreme disgust.

“biological mother? ” Gu Ruochu laughed icily “That’s such a ridiculous word Back then, you had no money to pay off your gambling debts. Under Gu Yanwei’s instigation, you pushed me into the fire without a second word. Now that you see that I’m doing well, you can’t wait to pull me off my horse so that Gu Yanwei can come in and enjoy her life. I’ve always been Gu Yanwei’s touchstone, a stepping stone. How dare you bring up your biological mother?”

“I really wish that she was my only daughter! ” Zhou Yunxi’s tone suddenly turned sharp, like a beast whose tail had been stepped on “You disobeyed me after I gave birth to you. Are you still human? You’re so UNFILIAL, you’re no different from an animal! Everything you have now was given to you by your sister. You’ll never be able to pay back what you owe her in this lifetime! ”

To be humiliated by someone using such words, and to be called her biological mother.

She owes Gu Yanwei Ha, should this world belong to her, Gu Yanwei In the face of Zhou Yunxi’s unreasonable behavior, Gu Ruochu could not be bothered to argue with her, “get out of my way after you’ve taught me a lesson, I’m going to sleep. ”

A mother like this wants me to obey her orders, that’s Bullsh * T!

“What do you mean sleep? Reflect on yourself tonight. You’re not allowed to sleep unless you apologize to your sister. ” Zhou Yunxi cursed as she reached out her hand to pull her away.

Today, Gu Ruochu should not only sleep in the same room as her, but she should also face the wall and apologize before she sleeps This damned girl, she doesn’t even know what she’s capable of until I teach her a lesson!

Gu Ruochu had the principle of never hitting an elderly woman. She curled her lips into a half-smile and warned, “If you don’t let me go, I’ll call you Mrs. Huo. ”

“Go ahead, I’m not afraid of you. ” Zhou Yunxi was so angry that she laughed. She refused to believe that Mrs. Huo, who had never liked her daughter-in-law, would be called over by her.

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