The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Chapter 33 recuperation


Gu Yanwei was in a state of shock when she remembered how much Mrs. Huo valued filial piety and the elderly. If Zhou Yunxi wanted to borrow her illness to temporarily stay in the Huo family, she would definitely agree.

Now that Zhou Yunxi had moved into the huo family, she would definitely be able to move in as well. Although it was only temporary, a period of time was enough for him.

Gu Yanwei knew that Zhou Yunxi was helping her pave the way.

“Mother, I’ll discuss it with AH CHU when the time comes. ” Gu Yanwei held Zhou Yunxi’s hand as a calculating light flashed in her eyes.

“okay. ”


Gu Ruochu did not have much to do throughout the day, so she browsed the news about the entertainment industry on the Internet. Mrs. Huo had been asked out early in the morning for a beauty treatment and had not returned yet.

“sister-in-law. ”

A young man dressed in a casual outfit and wearing a baseball cap strutted over with a pure and devilish smile on his lips.

This was the huo family’s third young master, Huo Zijun.

“third brother is back? ”

“It’s been so long. I thought that sister-in-law would not recognize me. ” Huo Zijun’s handsome face suddenly leaned forward and stared unblinkingly at Gu Ruochu’s face to take a closer look.

Huo Zijun was only twenty years old. His skin was fair and delicate. Not a single pore could be found on his skin.

Gu Ruochu subconsciously took a step back because she saw such a huge lump in her line of sight. “If you want to talk, then talk nicely. Why are you so close to me? It’s simply too eye-piercing! ”

Huo Zijun’s black face asked nicely. eye-piercing?

He had inherited his parents’good looks. There were countless beautiful women who wanted to pounce on him. Why did it become eye-piercing when it came to Gu Ruochu!

“sister-in-law, how long has it been since I’ve seen you? Why are you so stubborn in front of me? ”

Gu Ruochu glanced at Huo Zijun. “I’m always so stubborn. Do I need a reason? Does it have anything to do with how long it’s been since you’ve seen me? ”

Huo Zijun:”…”

He was… … speechless ! !

Gu Ruochu looked at him as if he was a flood beast. She despised him very much. In the past, whenever she saw her, she would easily blush and feel shy.


“Zijun, you’re back. ” Mrs. Huo had already returned from outside. When she saw that her son had arrived home, a warm smile appeared on her face.

“mother. ” Huo Zijun’s eyes curved into the shape of a crescent when he saw his mother. He teased, “it’s been a year since we last saw each other. The beauty in our house is getting younger and younger. I’m so mesmerized by her. ”

“You’re the only one who talks nonsense. ”

Mrs. Huo was annoyed. She then turned around and asked the servants to move some luggage into the house. “move these things upstairs and tidy up two more rooms. ”

“Mother, who’s moving in? ”

“It’s your sister-in-law’s mother and sister. They’ll be staying at the Huo residence for a few days. ” Mrs. Huo seemed to have just remembered and looked at Gu Ruochu “Ruo Chu, your mother said that she had discussed this with you before and planned to stay with the huo family for a while to recuperate. So early this morning, I had someone bring your mother and Yanwei over. ”

“recuperate? ”

Gu Ruochu thought back to this word and felt that it was rather laughable. When had Zhou Yunxi ever discussed this with her before? She had directly told Mrs. Huo to move in. She was probably the last person to know that Zhou Yunxi and Gu Yanwei would move into the huo family News of them temporarily staying for a period of time.

It did not need to be a guess to know that Gu Yanwei must have instigated Zhou Yunxi behind her back. Temporarily staying in the Huo family home to recover from her illness was definitely not giving Gu Yanwei a chance to get close to Huo Nanchen?

“thank you, mother. ” Her lips curved into a smile.

Mrs. Huo Nodded. She did not notice anything unusual about Gu Ruochu and called for a servant to help carry her luggage up.

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