The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 31

Chapter 31: It’s impossible to fall in love with chapter 31


Recently, I’ve been enjoying watching Huo Nanchen blow his top. That’s why I’ve deliberately used all sorts of words to tease him and anger him. It’s as if I’ve found an interesting and fun thing to do.

It’s quite interesting.

When he heard Gu Ruochu’s words, he suddenly fixed his gaze on her again. His dark eyes were covered with a hint of emotion that Gu Ruochu could not understand. “You want to seduce me? HMM? ”

At this awkward moment, his last syllable rose. His mature and sexy scent was heart-wrenching.

In the middle of the night, a man and a woman were engaged in a passionate affair. Unfortunately, this fire was too intense. Gu Ruochu even felt that if she were to get involved with it, she would be burned to ashes.

A man like Huo Nanchen could not be easily provoked.

The reason why she had not completely shed all pretense of cordiality with this man was because she had not yet established a shallow foundation in the huo family. She could smell the same scent from Huo Nanchen as she did. ‘…’

Cold and ruthless.

“Then would you be seduced by me? However, you men seem to prefer Gu Yanwei’s type. She’s demure and decent, gentle and generous. ” Gu Ruochu said, “unfortunately, all men are the same. They like the pure and innocent, but they can’t reject the flirtatious. ”

In the past, when they were among men, almost all of them had the same thought.

“I seem to have told you that I can’t possibly fall in love with you. ” The mottled look in his deep black eyes was cold and hard to fathom. “So, don’t waste your time on me. ”

I will never fall in love with you.

Gu Ruochu scoffed. Seeing that Huo Nanchen had taken out a lighter from the table in low spirits, she quickly reached out to hold it down. “It’s the middle of the night, don’t bother me. ”

Huo Nanchen paused. He knew that she was referring to the cigarette in his hand.

Actually, Gu Ruochu had given up smoking for some time but she was still a little addicted.

She suddenly curled her lips into a sneer. Cigarettes were just like feelings. Addiction would harm one’s health.

“You used to smoke? ” He seemed to have heard something as a dark light flashed in his dark eyes. He realized that he really did not understand Gu Ruochu at all.

“It was a long time ago. ” It was rare for the two of them to be so calm. Gu Ruochu seemed to have thought of the past, “I’ve quit smoking for a long time, so don’t recruit me. ”


The next morning, Huo Nanchen rarely did not go to the office. Instead, he went to look for Lu Fang, an authoritative doctor who specializes in psychology. He was also a rare good friend of Huo Nanchen’s.

“Tell me, you did not feel sleepy at all. After hearing your wife’s words, you suddenly had the urge to close your eyes and sleep? ” Lu Fang pushed up his glasses as a hint of curiosity appeared on his gentle face.

“Yes. ”

The Man on the Sofa was hiding something at the bottom of the pool. He looked so deep that it was taboo. He lit a cigarette, but only looked at the cigarette between his fingers as it curled up.

He didn’t know when it started, but he had insomnia for about five to six years. Moreover, once he had insomnia, he could only sleep a little after three o’clock.

This kind of symptom had already sleepy him for a period of time.

“Lu Fang, does this illness of Mine Count as having a cure? ”

“Did you fall asleep last night? ”

“Of course. ”

Lu Fang’s face broke into a smile. “congratulations, Nanchen. Your wife may be a good medicine to induce sleep. Some psychological disorders will automatically find what you’re looking for, but now you’ve found it. ”

Lu Fang explained once, but Huo Nanchen did not respond.

He only looked at his fingertips with an unfathomable gaze.

A good medicine? Gu Ruochu?


In the high-end residential area they rented, Zhou Yunxi was instructing the nanny to cook.

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