The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Chapter 27: Exasperated and exasperated


Gu Ruochu casually sat in a corner of the SOFA and suddenly stared straight at the person in front of her. Her pitch-black eyes were filled with a sharp iciness, “are you doubting me? ”

Gu Yanwei felt her blood run cold as she stared at her. She maintained a gentle smile on her face as she tried to coax her, “Ah Chu, I was just discussing this with you, weren’t i? How much do you have? Give it to me first. I’ll definitely return it to you once your salary is paid. ”

“Then, I’ll let you enjoy endless glory and work even harder to seduce my husband? ” Gu Ruochu enunciated each word as she laughed softly “sister, with your acting skills, you’re definitely much better than those little flowers in the entertainment industry. You obviously want to crush the other party to death, yet you’re still able to greet him with a smile. You’re amazing… ”

Gu Yanwei’s face instantly turned deathly Pale. She widened her eyes and looked at the person in front of her again. She almost wanted to see every single hair on the other party’s head clearly.

“You… ”

Gu Yanwei stared at her for a long while A cold expression appeared on her face, “so you knew about this a long time ago, but you still pretended like nothing had happened. I thought that you really weren’t scheming. I’ve been wrong about you all these years. You’re quite good at pretending. ”

“That’s right. In order to pay off my gambling debts, I was the one who instigated mother to marry you. I didn’t want to marry you back then, so mother thought of a way to push you out. Now, I just want to take back what’s mine! ”

Gu Ruochu had already seen through her and treated her like a clown when she thought about how she had just pulled down her dignity and tried to swindle the money out of her hands.

The more Gu Yanwei thought about it, the more she hated Gu Ruochu. She could no longer hold back her hatred for Gu Ruochu.

“How can I compare to you, big sister? You’re a dazzling White Lotus in the prime of time. ”

Gu Yanwei’s eyes flashed with malice when she heard Gu Ruochu’s snickering. “Gu Ruochu, you couldn’t defeat me in the past and you won’t be able to defeat me in the future. Other than your face, how can you compare to me? You’re destined to be my stepping stone for the rest of my life! ”

“Is that so? Let’s wait and see then. ”

Gu Yanwei heard the words with a smile behind her back as she left. She gritted her teeth and turned to leave the room. Gu Ruochu thought that this annoying big sister had finally left so that her ears would be quiet for a while. She did not expect to hear Mrs. Huo’s authoritative voice from outside.

“Yanwei, you’re not back yet? ” Mrs. Huo looked at the European clock hanging on the left side of the stairs. “It’s already so late. It’s not convenient for a girl like you. I’ll get old Wu to send you back. ”

“There’s no need, aunt huo. ” Gu Yanwei smiled. “Ah Chu is just a child. The two sisters haven’t had a heart-to-heart talk for a long time, so they’ve been dragging me along to talk for a long time. ”

Heh, this sister sure knows how to use me.

Mrs. Huo could not help but smile. “then you’ll sleep here tonight. I’ll get someone to help you tidy up your room. You’re not only Nanchen’s assistant, you’re also a relative of the Huo family. ”

A dark light flashed across Gu Yanwei’s eyes and she behaved very appropriately. She smiled elegantly and said, “that’s fine too, aunt huo. I won’t refuse. ”

Before she left with the servants, her gaze passed through Gu Ruochu’s room door, looking pleased and provocative. Gu Ruochu did not know what she was so pleased about, but she was especially displeased when she saw someone provoking her.

Mrs. Huo had arranged for her room to be not far from Gu Ruochu and Huo Nanchen’s master bedroom. Gu Ruochu ignored her sister. She removed her makeup, took a shower, and washed her hair. When she came out, she lay comfortably on the large bed.

Gu Ruochu was not very sleepy to begin with, so she did not sleep much.

When Huo Nanchen returned and saw the person on the bed, his eyes suddenly turned ugly and malicious, “what are you doing in my room? ”

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