The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Chapter 23: Waning interest


Today, she had even kicked Xu Ling’s child, causing Xu Ling to never be able to bear a child of the Bai family. His life would be worse than death!

She was no longer the tolerant Bai Qi of the past. Her past had taught her how to be ruthless and unscrupulous. She would not even blink even if she had to risk her life.

“Gu Ruochu, there doesn’t seem to be a woman who doesn’t love me. ” Huo Nanchen seemed to be muttering to himself. Who would have thought that his wife would not have much interest in him.

His words did not sound conceited at all.

Huo Nanchen was the overlord of an city. With his looks, fame, and status, there was not a woman who would not yearn for him. Just looking at his face alone was enough to make a woman dizzy.

However, she was an outlaw and her heart had long been riddled with holes. Her heart was as dead as ash and she would never love or trust anyone again. Once a wound is laid on the heart, even if it eventually heals and forms a scar, it will remain deeply etched on it.

Even her biological father in her past life could kill her and her mother. She would never be stupid again and would never trust anyone again. She would dig a hole for herself just like her mother had done for a man.

Gu Ruochu’s nose twitched when she thought of her mother.

She replied calmly, “I’ve never loved anyone. ”

Huo Nanchen suddenly felt that this was the first time he had met his little wife. What kind of experience had he gone through to develop her into such a character.

He was well aware of Gu Ruochu’s family situation, but it was not enough to turn her into such a vicious character.

“acting tough. ”

Huo Nanchen’s sudden words gave Gu Ruochu an illusion of indulgence, as if she had pleased him. He turned his eyes to the side and his entire being was as elegant as a painting. His Chin was tilted into a beautiful arc and his gaze towards her was filled with a faint smile, but it disappeared in an instant.

Just a moment ago, he was about to tear her apart, but now, he seemed to be smiling.

This man is so shrewd, isn’t he He’s turning his back on her faster than flipping through a book Gu Ruochu could not be bothered to guess his thoughts. He has always been hard to figure out.

“I’ve asked what I should ask. Let’s go back. ”

After dealing with a large group of people today, Gu Ruochu’s interest had waned.

Huo Nanchen was not in a hurry to drive. Instead, he looked at her with a strange and unpredictable gaze. Gu Ruochu knew that she had not fooled this man. He was still suspicious of her identity.

So what No matter how hard he tried, he would never know the secret about her.

She thought.

In the car, Gu Ruochu logged into Qq. Only Xu Yichen and Rong Xiao were added. Rong Xiao noticed her the moment she logged into the game.

[ tonight you Jiu ] : Master Qi, how does it feel to sweep your own grave? [ sinister ] : [ sinister ]

[ I alone Qi ] : I also want to sweep your grave as well.

[ tonight you Jiu ] : The other party refuses to talk to you and throws a handsome Rong Xiao at you.

[ I alone Qi ] : the other party caught you steadily and smacked your dog head back into the doghouse. He then turned around to look at your dog face and closed your doghouse door.

[ Yixu ] : Dog Two wants to hit someone when it hears this. [ sinister smile ]

[ tonight you Jiu ] : Damn it, can the two of you not mention dogs!

His baby name is a stain that will be hard to wash clean from his glorious deeds in this lifetime Gu Ruochu’s mood was much better after she and Xu Yichen teased Rong Xiao on the Internet.

[ tonight you Jiu ] : Master Qi, are you going back to the entertainment industry I think that you’ve dealt with Madam Bai quite badly this time. I heard that she’s been sent to the hospital and has already been informed that she lost her child. She hasn’t woken up yet.

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