The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 2100

Chapter 2100: Chapter 2082: Panic


“Why would I do that? Didn’t you say that I can’t do anything? Then I’ll show you now, whether I can’t do anything or not? “

So many pairs of eyes were staring at him, and he felt his whole body was in a panic.

“Okay, stop fooling around. Everyone is watching. “

“What’s there to say that everyone here doesn’t know that we’re boyfriend and girlfriend? “

“So what if they know? You can’t mess around here. Let go of me quickly. If you don’t let go of me, don’t blame me for being rude. “

“then I’d like to see how you’re going to be rude to me. ” Gu Yinshu was a little helpless. He hugged him even closer, but freewill really couldn’t do anything to him. He could only show a helpless expression.

“Okay, stop messing around. “

“then you have to say something nice to coax me before I’ll let go of you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make me let go of you today. ” Gu Yinshu’s lips curled into a very evil smile. The curvature made freewill feel even more helpless.

“Why are you acting like a child and still acting so childish? “

“If you say that I’m childish, then should I do something that’s not childish so that you won’t think that I’m a child? ” Gu Yinshu’s words had a hidden meaning, and freewill’s ears turned even redder “Alright, stop messing around. If you continue to mess around, I’ll really lose my temper. “

The two of them had been hanging around by the side for a long time. Even Chen Shuxin couldn’t stand it anymore. The two of them seized the opportunity to show off their affection in front of them. They really couldn’t stand this couple.

“If you’re done playing ball, you should go to class quickly. Otherwise, you’ll be scolded by the teacher again. “

Chen Shuxin looked at the time on her phone and quickly told them to change their clothes.

At night, Fang Qing specially found Shu Xin and Suixin at the entrance of the class.

There was a very popular movie that was being screened tonight, and they had originally planned to watch it together.

Now that they had eaten some food in the fast food restaurant and were about to reach the movie theater, Fang Qing told them everything about Mu Qingwan from the beginning to the end.

As soon as she heard it, Chen Shuxin’s bad temper couldn’t stand it anymore.

“What does that person mean? Why does he have to care about you and Chen Chen’s matters? His words and words sound like he’s a b * Tch. This person is too bad. “

“Isn’t that so? ” Later, Chen Chen said that that person was his childhood playmate. They did grow up together. But at that time, they practically grew up together. Among this group of playmates, Chen Chen did not have a deep relationship with this girl. I don’t know why Mu Qingwan suddenly grew up to be very close to Chen Chen. She even warned me not to be too selfish and said that I’m not good enough for Chen Chen.”

“She must think that your Chen Chen has grown up. He has become tall, handsome, and has good grades. He’s the genius in his class. That’s why she fell in love with him again. “Right now, you don’t even know how popular your Chen Chen is in school, right? ” Chen Shuxin analyzed from the side.

Sui Xin didn’t agree with Shu Xin’s idea.

“from Fang Qing’s description, I think this girl has liked Chen Chen since she was young. At that time, she was just a little arrogant, and didn’t she just say that She has always been as proud as a little princess. Maybe she was waiting for Chen Chen Chen to take the initiative to talk to her, but Chen Chen’s personality was too dull, so they never had a chance.”

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