The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 2072

Chapter 2072: Chapter 2054, buying a massage machine


“Yeah, I think so too. If I don’t get a massage machine, I probably won’t be able to stand it tonight. “

While massaging her neck, Sui Xin was calculating what kind of massage machine she should buy for herself. It was too expensive and not good. If it was too cheap, she was afraid that her neck would not be able to hold it.

“Why don’t we go over there? I think there should be a massage machine over there. Also, I found that there seems to be an activity going on over there. If we go over there, there should be some discounts. “

Chen Shuxin looked at the place not far away and quickly pulled Suixin over. Suixin’s neck hurt like hell as she held Shu Xin’s hand and shouted.

“Oh my God, my neck hurts like hell. Stop pulling. If you do that, I’m really going to die. “

“I’m sorry, I forgot that your neck is already on the pillow. Does it hurt badly? I really accidentally forgot just now. “

Gu Yinshu held her hand and slowly led her away. Song Yan grabbed his girlfriend and walked to the other side.

“Do you want me to carry you? I can see that your walking is a little painful. How painful is your neck? You really need to train your sleeping posture in the future. When you’re conscious, adjust your sleeping posture. You really kicked me down last time. “

One could imagine how bad her sleeping posture was.

It would be weird if she didn’t fall asleep like this.

“I got it. Don’t scold me. I must adjust my sleeping posture in the future. Actually, I used to have a falling asleep, but it wasn’t as serious as now. This falling asleep really scared me. When I woke up this morning, I felt like this neck wasn’t mine anymore. I felt like my neck was going to break as soon as I turned. “

“I’m not going to scold you for feeling sorry for yourself. Why don’t I help you walk away? You’ll feel terrible if you continue like this. “

If it was in the past, freewill would not have said that he would act coquettishly to others. But now, she really wanted him to hug her because it really hurt too much.

“Then Hug me. My neck really hurts. “

Gu Yinshu picked her up without saying anything. Freewill subconsciously hugged her neck and shoulders.

According to what freewill knew in the past, she always felt that this man was actually quite thin. But later, she found out that his clothes made him look thin and naked. Moreover, it seemed that he never breathed heavily when he hugged her Just like now, even his steps were very steady.

Later on, she found out that this was actually called a sense of security.

“Put your head on my shoulder. This way, your neck won’t hurt as much. Lean on it properly. “

Sui Xin was very obedient. He leaned his head on his shoulder and felt that his neck really didn’t hurt as much anymore.

“Are you tired? I seem to have eaten a lot of meat recently, and I’ve gained a few pounds. If you’re tired, I’ll just come down and walk on my own. Actually, my neck doesn’t hurt as much. “

Sui Xin felt very sweet, especially when he hugged her.

Chen Shuxin teased him a few times on the side, and she leaned her head against his collarbone shyly.

“Alright, stop teasing Sui Xin. Don’t you know that his neck hurts? If you provoke her to come down from brother Yin’s arms, you’ll suffer. “

It was not easy to get there, and he felt that there were a lot of pedestrians on the road. Sui Xin came down and planned to walk on his own.

“I already saw a shop selling massage machines over there. Quickly put me down. “

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