The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 2071

Chapter 2071: Chapter 2053 massaging machine


Following her heart, she felt the doctor’s hand on her neck a few times. It did not seem as painful as before.

“You should be more careful when you sleep in the future. This medicine is a pillow. If it’s serious, it will still hurt your cervical vertebrae. I think you should have a pillow a lot too. “

Hearing the doctor’s words, following her heart felt a little awkward. Because she often did not sleep well, it was common for people to say that. She did not expect that she had made a big mess of herself yesterday.

“Yes, our freewill is the kind of person who often causes trouble. In the future, I have to stare at her often when I watch her sleep. This time, I twisted my neck. “

“actually, this is also normal. Even people who sleep well will make my neck. As long as I get a good pillow, it should not be a big problem. “

Lan Xue stared at the doctor until she could not leave her eyes. Chen Shuxin felt a little funny for her, so she could not help but poke her arm.

“Doctor, do you want to prescribe some medicine for her bruise? I think her bruise is quite serious. It’s a little red here. It’ll probably take a few days for her to recover. “

“I’ll prescribe some ointment for her. You guys just rub it on her every day. “

The doctor prescribed a prescription. As they had said, she couldn’t understand what was written on it at all. She casually handed it to them and asked them to go to the medicine window to get the medicine.

As freewill sat there alone, she felt that her neck couldn’t turn around. In the past, when she accidentally fell asleep, it wasn’t as serious as this situation.

However, she remembered that there was a time when her neck was so sore that she felt a bone-piercing pain when she turned her head back. It was really too uncomfortable at that time.

It seemed that she still had to properly protect her cervical vertebra in the future.

“student freewill, you shouldn’t stare at the computer too often in the future. This won’t be beneficial to your cervical vertebra either. You’re still young now, so you still have to properly protect your cervical vertebra. It will be very difficult when you get older. “

Freewill nodded. After suffering once, she swore that she would definitely properly protect her cervical vertebra in the future. She would definitely force herself to be obedient when she slept at night.

“actually, you just said that you would use that kind of pillow. What kind of pillow is better? I think she will probably twist her neck when she sleeps like this. “

“The best is that kind of lotus flower. After it is dried, it will be stuffed into the pillow. That kind of pillow is the best, but there aren’t any lotus flowers right now. Moreover, this kind of thing is quite difficult to make, so I might as well go to the market and buy a massage chair. “

Freewill did not expect that cotton could be used as a pillow. Her own home was in the countryside, so it would definitely be convenient to pick lotus flowers in the future. Although it was not suitable now, it could still be used in the future.

At the moment, it was better to buy a massage machine.

After they left the hospital, they saw Gu Yinshu and Song Yan at the entrance of the hospital.

“Why are you here? You actually know that we are in the hospital? “

Chen Shuxin was a little surprised, because they did not call any of them just now. They actually knew that she and Suixin had come to this hospital.

“Why did your neck fall on the pillow? ” Gu Yinshu walked over and reached out to hug her. “Come, don’t move. Let me take a look first. Did you not have a good sleep last night? “

“It hurts a little. Be Gentle. “

Gu Yinshu’s movements became gentler, although he criticized her for sleeping poorly.

“Go and buy a massage machine first. Otherwise, your neck will suffer for a few days. “

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