The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Chapter 14, the mastermind


At that time, she had lived for the Bai family and her mother. But now, she had lived only for herself. A self who was not at the mercy of anyone and could come and go as she pleased. She had finally broken free from that cage.

Everything would be reshuffled and this time, the mastermind would be her!

One day, the name Gu Ruochu would once again shock the entire nation. She would be known as the most memorable person in the entertainment industry. This was because she had begun another life filled with legendary colors.

Bai Qi had specially come to Times Square today because she had planned it beforehand. This was because she had seen Bai mo come out. As Bai Qi’s father, he naturally had to put on an act for his son’s memorial service.

Of course, Bai Mo was not the only one who had appeared in the square. His current wife, Bai Qi’s stepmother, Xu Ling, was also present. The smile on Gu Ruochu’s face disappeared when she saw this woman. Her Sharp and vicious gaze stared straight at the two of them.

A year ago, she had been forced into the black prison by Xu Ling and her B * Tch. Xu Ling had even forced her mother to death during this period of time. In turn, he had accused her mother of being a mistress!

The square was filled with a sorrowful atmosphere Bai Mo, who had “lost his beloved son” , spoke, “I never thought that it would be my turn to die in vain. A year ago, he suddenly told me that he would temporarily retire from the entertainment industry. He had debuted for ten years and had brought us a lot of classical music that can not be surpassed. I thought that he was just tired and wanted to rest, but who would have thought… “. “…”

At the end of her speech, Bai Mo sobbed.

Under Gu Ruochu’s sarcastic gaze, it was her stepmother, Xu Ling, who spoke, “Bai Qi’s mother gave him to me back then, begging me to take good care of this child. Now that Bai Qi has run into an accident, I really can’t explain it to his mother… ”

Xu Ling sobbed on stage, unable to speak. He even felt a little pitiful, causing the people below the stage to sigh endlessly.

The fans all knew that Bai Qi was an illegitimate child. However, this news was leaked a year ago when Bai Qi had retired. At that time, many of the fans had even turned against her.

A mistress was a disgusting and smelly thing in everyone’s eyes.

The current Madam Bai had been willing to accept Bai Qi and had even raised him up because she was magnanimous.

Gu Ruochu watched the husband and wife act as the warmth in her eyes grew colder and colder. She did not expect that in just a year’s time, the real mistress, Xu Ling, would be washed so white by Bai Mo. .

Now that her mother had been killed by Xu Ling, she had nothing to worry about.

Don’t you guys know how to twist the truth How could it be so easy for you to become a whore and maintain your position as Madam Bai?

Xu Ling probably never dreamed that Bai Qi would actually crawl out of hell and claim her life. The one-year life in the black prison had caused her so much pain that she wished she could die.

She was Bai Mo’s child, yet Bai Mo had sent his own daughter into a sea of fire for the sake of this slut. He did not seem like a father at all. Now, she wanted these people to pay with blood.

The conversation in Times Square quickly ended. Gu Ruochu watched as Xu Ling and Bai Mo left in the opposite direction.

Xu Ling immediately returned to the hotel where she had temporarily stayed. This hotel belonged to the Bai family. As soon as she arrived, someone greeted her respectfully, “Madam, this way please. I’ve already sent someone to prepare lunch and a car. ”

After being escorted to the VIP room, Xu Ling sat down and looked at her beautifully maintained face in the mirror. She smiled smugly. Back then, in order to send that Bastard Bai Qi to the black prison, she had deliberately rolled down the stairs. After Framing Bai Qi, she had angered Bai Mo so much that he had sent Bai Qi to the black prison and told the public that he had temporarily retired from the entertainment industry for a year.

This bastard should have died a long time ago. The Bai Family should have belonged to her and the child in her belly!

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