The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Chapter 102: Changing faces


“What business do you have with the Huo family? ”

Gu Ruochu’s cold tone caused Gu Yanwei’s expression to change However, she maintained the smile on her face. “In a few days, I’ll be accompanying Huo Shao to compete for a project overseas. It’s not a big deal, but I’ve had a lot of misunderstandings with you over the past few days. I was afraid that you might be overthinking things, so I wanted to let you know in advance. ”

I’m afraid that she might be overthinking things, but I’m afraid that she might not be overthinking things, right?

Gu Ruochu elegantly and quietly ate the food on her plate and coldly ignored her.

Gu Yanwei did not get angry. Instead, she smiled helplessly from the side.

Mrs. Huo looked at Gu Ruochu and said, “Ruochu, you know how that child, Nanchen, feels. A woman who has nothing to do with him would never take another look at him. Don’t misunderstand him when it comes to work. ”

She had witnessed the relationship between the husband and wife.

Now that they were still treading on thin ice, she must not allow Ruo Chu to have any unnecessary misunderstandings about Nanchen. Even though she hated Gu Yanwei now, Gu Yanwei’s talents were recognized by Huo Zhenggang.

Mrs. Huo still hoped that Gu ruochu would be able to distinguish between work and personal life.

“Mom, I know. ”

Gu Yanwei was very much hated by Gu Ruochu. Now that she had intentionally or unintentionally flaunted that she could stay by Huo Nanchen’s side, she did not want Gu Yanwei to succeed.

Gu Yanwei seemed to be very surprised and asked deliberately, “what, didn’t huo tell you that you’re going on a business trip? It can’t be, right? ”

“Gu Yanwei, why are you still acting so cocky in front of me? Don’t I know what kind of person you are? I’ve been too lazy to use your method of sowing discord for eight hundred years. ”


Gu Yanwei probably did not expect Gu Ruochu to say such a disgraceful thing in front of Mrs. Huo. “Ah Chu, how could you… How could you say that? ”

“That’s enough, Gu Yanwei. If there’s nothing else, you can leave now. I won’t keep you here for the time being. ” Mrs. Huo gave the order for her to leave and her expression did not look too good.

Gu Yanwei had learned her lesson this time and immediately stood up to leave.

Gu Ruochu was extremely displeased when he saw her pretentious look. A faint smile suddenly appeared on his face. “sister, let me send you out. ”

Gu Yanwei did not believe that she was that kind of person but she still maintained her gentle and caring look, “alright. ”

Mrs. Huo did not object. Just as the two sisters stepped out of the door, Gu Yanwei’s expression changed She glared fiercely at Gu Ruochu, “Gu Ruochu, even if your brain is damaged from the car accident and you are no longer as stupid as before, you can forget about fighting me. If I can take away your mother, I can take away everything from you step by step! ”

“sister, I’ve never thought of fighting you. ” Who does not know how to pretend to be a hundred flowers?

“stop pretending in front of me! ”

Gu Yanwei scoffed coldly and walked out of the garden. When she saw a few wealthy ladies and socialites walking towards her, her gentle face quickly returned to normal.

In the Huo family, socialites and socialites would often come and go just to build a relationship with the huo family for their children.

When Gu Ruochu saw how quickly her face had changed, she really wanted to applaud and cheer for her.

“Hey, isn’t this lady Gu? ”

The wealthy lady clearly recognized Gu Yanwei, who had made a fool of herself yesterday. When she saw Gu Ruochu standing by the side, she could not help but want to use this opportunity to curry favor with Madam Huo and used all her firepower to mock Gu Yanwei.

“Madam Huo, I thought that your sister was also a thin-skinned person. I never thought that this little girl’s skin would be as thick as a city wall. She actually has the face to come to the young Madam’s place. I finally know what it means to be a slut. ”

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