The True Young Miss Is A Spoiled Boss - Chapter 198 - No More Talking

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Chapter 198: No More Talking

“In my dream, I was petty and miserable, and I almost went crazy over inexplicable things.

“My family and friends left me, and the important people I met later died because of me.

“There was no one beside me. I was the only one left, struggling on my deathbed.

“Finally, on my 21st birthday, I wanted to go out for a walk at night and died in a car accident.”

After Xing Jiuan finished speaking using a few simple words, the man opposite her did not seem to have any reaction.

“Your working attitude is very bad.” Xing Jiuan frowned.

“I’m sorry,” the man apologized softly.

“Do you think your life has changed?

“Or rather, do you believe in your dream more than your reality?”

“My life now is different from in my dream.”

“About this…”

“However, recently, I’ve been dreaming intermittently about that dream.”

Xing Jiuan rubbed her brows. “I feel very uncomfortable. I don’t want to dream anymore.

“So, I wanted to ask, could you help me?”

The man was a little stunned when he saw Xing Jiuan’s appearance.

Every time he saw Xing Jiuan in the past, she was arrogant, brash, and unrestrained. She lived so recklessly that it was enviable.

Xing Jiuan didn’t seem like she should have appeared here in the first place.

He had never seen such a patient before.

Xing Jiuan had told him about this very calmly. All of this made him feel that it was impossible.

Xing Jiuan had so many people who liked to worship her. No matter when, she would not be alone.

A lowly and sorry Xing Jiuan was even more impossible.

However, Xing Jiuan could not possibly lie to him like this.

“Did anything happen to you during this period of time?” He did not pay much attention to what was happening on the Internet, nor did he know the rumors about the real and the fake daughter yesterday.

Xing Jiuan had originally wanted to ask about the situation, but she felt that there was probably something wrong with her mind.

She had always been obsessed with her previous life and wanted to leave it behind, but she could not escape because of her repetitive dreams.

She had even thought of asking the other party to hypnotize her and make her forget those memories.


After a few words, she regretted it.

She did not want to talk about it anymore.

It was as if she had come here on impulse.

“Jiuan, if you trust me, can you tell me?” The man’s eyes seemed to have a gentle charm to them. Xing Jiuan was a little stunned.

“I seem to be constantly troubled by that dream. I can’t return to how I was before.”

If there were any changes, she would dream again.

She was really tired.

“But it’s just a dream. It didn’t really happen, right?”

Xing Jiuan thought that it was because she had avoided it in this life.

The man still wanted to say something when Xing Jiuan spoke.

“It seems like I really value this dream too much.” Xing Jiuan smiled.

The man looked at her, not sure if this was fake or genuine relief.

She was clearly a girl with a light heart, but he could not see through her at this moment.

“Sorry to trouble you.”


“I might have been in a daze from my dreams at night. Don’t mind it. I won’t be too bothered by this dream.”

In the end, Xing Jiuan chose to explore it slowly by herself.

What was the dream trying to tell her by appearing in her sleep time and time again?!

She smiled. “I’ll transfer the money to your card.”

“Isn’t it a little sad to talk about money with me?”

Xing Jiuan only said, “It’s only right.”

“Do you want to eat something?” The man handed her a fruit plate.

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