The True Young Miss Is A Spoiled Boss - Chapter 197 - Treatment

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Chapter 197: Treatment

He was worried that he would accidentally hurt the little girl behind him.

Before she knew it, Xing Jiuan felt her vision turn dark.

The man who had taken care of her and comforted her like a father and brought her light fell into a pool of blood and never stood up again…

Xing Jiuan woke up with a start and held her chest, feeling a little fearful.

When she thought of the man she saw last night, she seemed to finally heave a sigh of relief.

She checked her phone. It was only four in the morning.

However, she could not fall asleep again.

She did not know what she wanted to do, so she sat there in a daze.

There was nothing she wanted to play on her phone either.

Previously, the news of the real and the fake daughters had already been suppressed. Huo Chulan’s matter had more or less affected them.

Although many people felt that it was not wrong to like someone, there were also people who felt that Huo Chulan was really embarrassing.

Xing Jiuan only smirked.

She felt that there was nothing wrong with liking someone without hesitation.

However, Huo Chulan’s so-called liking was too cheap. Moreover, it was fake.

Even if she disguised herself well, there were not as many people who trusted her as in her previous life.

Xing Jiuan’s life had changed, and so had Huo Chulan’s life.

When Mu Qing and the others arrived at around 8 AM, Xing Jiuan had already woken up.

She went to call Lin Ling, who said that she would not be eating.

She had played games almost all night. How could she wake up so early?

Xing Jiuan did not continue to call out to her.

After eating, Mu Qing had something to do and had to go out. Lu Mingxi went with him while Ou Qi stayed behind.

Xing Jiuan asked Ou Qi to wait for Lin Ling to wake up. She had something on and wanted to go out.

Ou Qi was in a difficult position.

She was worried that Xing Jiuan would return very late again.

Xing Jiuan promised that she would be back before lunch. Ou Qi then let her go out.

She took a taxi out.

She did not usually drive by herself.

The driver knew her and told her happily that his son and daughter liked her very much, and both said she was great.

Xing Jiuan smiled and thanked him.

After getting out of the car, Xing Jiuan looked at the place in front of her and was a little hesitant.

However, she still chose to enter.

She was a little familiar with this person. She had sent a message in advance, so she came in easily.

“I never thought that you would look for me because of something like this.” The man in a clean white shirt had a gentle voice. He opened the door for Xing Jiuan and turned to the side to let her in.

“Is it strange?”

“I don’t think… you should.”

Xing Jiuan only smiled.

The man asked her to sit down.

“Tell me the symptoms.”

As a well-known psychiatrist in the country, he usually worked at home and was usually reserved.

Xing Jiuan’s arrival was very coincidental. He had given himself a break these two days and was preparing to go on a vacation. He had just returned when he received Xing Jiuan’s message.

He had felt stunned for a long time when he heard that Xing Jiuan was going to look for him to seek treatment.

“Sign the contract first,” Xing Jiuan said.

“Don’t tell anyone about this.”


After signing the contract, Xing Jiuan put away a copy.

“I think I have some problems here…” She pointed to her head.

The man seemed to be stunned for a moment. “Don’t talk nonsense. Tell me the symptoms.”

He didn’t believe that Xing Jiuan had any psychological problems.

How could such a brash and reckless person…

“I had a very, very long dream,” Xing Jiuan said slowly.

Rebirth was not easy to explain, so she simply explained it as a dream.

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