The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities - Chapter 262 - Time Machine

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Chapter 262: Time Machine

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“How do you know her?” Claire somewhat had an interrogatory tone.

Rick was silent.

After a while, he said, “She fell from the sky…”


Rick explained. “A few months ago, when I was swimming at home, she suddenly fell from the sky and dropped straight into my swimming pool.”

Claire frowned. “Are you kidding?”

Rick’s expression was serious. “I don’t need to make such a joke, right?”

“Have you investigated her?” Claire tilted her head and glanced at Dora who was not far away.

She stared at the cake intently.

“Yes.” Rick said.

Claire retracted her gaze. “What about the result?”

“Nothing.” Rick pondered for a moment and then said, “She was like… appearing here out of thin air. By the way, the first thing she did when she lived in my house was to ask me to investigate you.”

“Me?” A cold light flashed across Claire’s eyes.


“Yes, after discovering that you are in Lance Middle School, she also asked to enter Lance Middle School. I think you two know each other.”

Claire’s hand clenched the coffee cup harder and harder.

So, Dora’s goal was her from the beginning?

When she first saw her, she followed her, and entered the Lance Middle School the next day, sticking to her no matter when and where.

What was her purpose?

Was she sent to watch her, or did she want something from her?

Dora picked the cake and bounced her way back with a smile on her face.

Claire stood up suddenly with a cold expression. “I’m leaving now.”

“Huh?” Dora was stunned. “Why don’t you stay and eat the cake with me?”

Without looking back, Claire walked straight out of the cafe.

Dora pouted, a little dazed, and looked at Rick. “What’s wrong?”

Rick dragged her down to her seat and said, “Hurry up and eat. Let’s go home after you finish.”

“OK.” Dora began to eat the cake happily.

At the same time, the other side.

As soon as they left, Gallon received a call.

It was Doctor Kurt.

His hands trembled slightly. After picking up the phone, he blurted out. “Is… is there any new progress on the time machine?”

Doctor Kurt smiled and said, “You can come and see for yourself when you are free.”

“I’m free now!”

Gallon turned off the gas in the kitchen, grabbed his coat, and rushed out of the apartment.

He hurried all the way to the laboratory.

Dr. Kurt was wearing a white lab coat. He was about thirty years old and was balding. With a pair of big dark circles underneath his eyes, he seemed not to sleep well, but his gaze was bright and excited.

His head was lowered and he was fiddling with something. When he found that Gallon had arrived, he waved his gloved hand at him.

“Come, come on in!”

The glass door was automatically open to both sides.

Gallon couldn’t wait to rush in. “Where is the time machine?”

Doctor Kurt pointed to the side. “There, over there.”

Gallon turned his head and saw a cold square machine, about two meters high and wide, with a seat in the middle, a helmet hung on the seat, and a lot of wires wrapped around it.

This was literally piled up with his money.

Almost all his savings had been spent on it.

Gallon walked out slowly, stretched out his hand, but didn’t dare to touch it. “How… how does it work?”

Dr. Kurt lowered his head and said, “I haven’t worked out the time travel function yet.”

Gallon’s eyes darkened instantly, and he was a little annoyed. “Then why did you call me over?”

He was so excited that he almost had a car accident.

“I wanted to show you the machine in case you thought that I’m a swindler. Oh, by the way,” Dr.. Kurt said, “we’ve already come a step closer to success, so I called you over to test it.”

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