The Surgeon’s Studio - Chapter 1179 - The melodious and crisp ding - Dong sound  

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Chapter 1179: The melodious and crisp ding – Dong sound

At oneo’ clock in the morning, the surgery was already coming to an end. Colon and rectum incision. If not for this, it would be impossible to cut off and strip off the countless amount of connective tissue that grew inside the rectum. At this time, the patient was already at the lithotomy position, and professor Feng was taking out the foreign body in the rectum with others. Zheng Ren and Su Yun used the longest pair of forceps on the operating table to separate all the adhered spots. They had already reached the bottom. Fortunately, he had the equipment given by Dr. Charles, which was equipped with particularly long pliers and handles. Otherwise, the surgery would have taken another three to five hours. “Be careful down there, don’t break the bottle.” Zheng Ren’s voice was still the same as when the stage had just started, and his entire person did not change at all. “Boss Zheng, you’re really amazing. How long has it been? you’re still not tired at all?” Professor Feng said emotionally. She did not know how Zheng Ren was doing, but her eyes were already blurry. “It’s only been a few hours. ” “In Rong city, the boss wore a lead coat and had surgery for three days and three nights,” Su Yun said. Professor Feng knew about this, but at that time, he thought it was for publicity. Normally, it was impossible to perform a fatty tumor removal surgery for three days and three nights, not to mention that boss Zheng was performing an interventional surgery in Chengdu. Carrying a lead coat that weighed dozens of pounds for three days and three nights? Was he really made of iron? Now, it seemed that boss Zheng didn’t move at all after nearly ten hours of surgery. The others changed batch after batch, but boss Zheng didn’t even change his posture. He was as steady as a mountain. When they finally separated the proliferated connective tissue in the bottle, it was difficult to see the surgical field, but boss Zheng was still as stable as before. There was no change at all. He did what he should do with the surgery without any hesitation or discussion. Professor Feng heaved a sigh of relief when he finally removed the foreign object. “Be careful, don’t break the bottle, and don’t get hurt.” Zheng Ren repeated, and professor Feng nodded. After a minute, Zheng Ren stood up straight. He could vaguely hear the sound of his spine cracking. “Boss, don’t tell me that your lumbar disc protruded out while you were performing surgery.” Su Yun laughed. “I won ‘t,” Zheng Ren’s mind was all on the surgery, so he was particularly bored. He only gave a simple reply to Su Yun’s words, indicating that he understood. He was not called the topic Terminator for nothing. Even Su Yun did not know what to say to continue the conversation. “Add some wax oil and be careful! Syringe, 20ml. Change to a 5ml syringe and push it slowly, slowly. ” Professor Feng commanded from below. He used the Oval forceps to clamp down on the foreign object. With a little force, he could feel that the foreign object had loosened, and it moved a little outside. It wasn’t like before, when it grew in the patient’s body. Professor Feng saw hope. He used the gauze to pad the edge of the foreign object. The Oval forceps did not dare to use too much strength. With the help of the lubricating effect of the wax oil, he slowly removed the glass bottle. The glass bottle from five years ago had lost its original appearance. There was a layer of sticky connective tissue on it, which looked a little disgusting. “This smell.” Professor Feng held his breath and carefully placed the bottle aside. He then asked the circulating nurse to cover it with a few layers of cotton pads. After removing the foreign object, the rest was simple. He performed a fistrepair on his colon and waited for the second stage of treatment. He cleaned the area around the anus, repaired the rectum, and placed a urinary catheter as a drainage tube. It was foreseeable that there would be a lot of infected liquid in the pelvic cavity, and a normal drainage tube would definitely be blocked. It was not the first time that professor Feng had used a catheter as a drainage tube. He fiddled with it and said,”No matter what it is, it can be drawn out. There won’t be any liquid left.” However, Zheng Ren did not know what was going on and tactfully chatted with professor Feng. Instead, he was focused on performing the anastomosis of the fistown. In the operating room, Feng Xuhui’s nervous body finally relaxed. He had been vigilant during this long surgery. If boss Zheng needed help, he would see if he could help. Even though he finished the interventional surgery right at the beginning, he did not relax. He was thinking about whether he should prepare some surgical consumables in case he needed them in times of need. He also knew that there was a high chance that this would be useless, but he still waited seriously. Liu Xiaojie, on the other hand, fell asleep again and again, constantly dozing off. Although it was a little unsightly, a ten – hour surgery was simply too boring. She just sat there and waited silently. If she had a choice, she would rather help the nurses. Liu Xiaojie noticed this when Feng Xuhui relaxed his body. It was strange. Why was manager Feng so nervous? Her perception and impression of Feng Xuhui had changed. Previously, when he was scolded to tears by ye Qingqiu, it was Feng Xuhui who stood between the two. Could it be considered as standing up for him? Liu Xiaojie was not sure. But she recalled that ye Qingqiu’s words and attitude towards her and manager Feng were completely different. As she was thinking about this, Zheng Ren turned around and got off the stage. However, he didn’t tear off his Sterile Surgical Gown. Instead, he asked Xie Yiren for a pair of oval forceps and walked out with the pathological basin covered with a thick gauze. Feng Xuhui knew that. He just had to explain the postoperative situation to the patient’s family. When it was finally over, he turned around and asked,”Xiaojie, we’ll go out for supper later. Do you have any thoughts?” Zheng Ren took the basin and walked out with Department Director Wei. Other people could rest, but chief Wei couldn ‘t. Although he didn’t go on stage in the later stage, he sat on the stool in the operating room for the whole night. He looked listless. It was really rare to see a surgery that took such a long time. Department Director Wei still remembered that when he was young, he used a table for his teacher to perform a combined spereduodenostomy for him, and it seemed to have taken him nine hours. “He’s really exhausted,”thought director Wei. “Boss Zheng, there shouldn’t be any major problems after the surgery, right?” Director Wei asked as they walked. “It’s not big,” “As long as it’s taken out, the anal sphincter will return to its normal physiological elasticity in a few days,” Zheng Ren said.”Two to four weeks later, we’ll be able to perform the second stage of surgery and perform a new anastomosis of the rectum and colon.” “That’s good,”director Wei thought. “Boss Zheng, thanks.” Chief Wei thanked him sincerely. If it were not for Zheng Ren’s presence, he would not have been able to complete this surgery with an abnormal anatomical structure even if he had used 24 hours. Forget finishing the surgery, the bleeding of the internal ilioartery branch at the beginning would probably be fatal. “I should.” Zheng Ren’s eyes narrowed as if he was smiling. Because when the surgery was over, he heard the “ding – Dong” sound of a mission being completed. It had been a long time since she had heard such a melodious and clear voice. As he walked out, he couldn’t wait to look at the system panel. There were no Platinum treasure chests, nor any special rewards. However, after this surgery, Zheng Ren understood that the biggest reward was experience points and time for surgery training! If he had enough time to practice surgery, he would not have to be on thin ice when he performed surgery.

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