The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More - Chapter 433 - A New Acupuncture Technique  

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Chapter 433: A New Acupuncture Technique

As the two of them chatted and laughed, they arrived at Huo Xuan’s small mansion in the suburbs not long later.

When everyone entered, they immediately saw Mo Jiu standing respectfully at the entrance. When he heard that Mo Zhu had taken the initiative to offer to teach him acupuncture skills for the first time, he quickly drove to the small mansion and waited.

Mo Zhu casually took off her coat and placed it on the sofa. She glanced at Mo Jiu, who was standing upright beside her, and said with a smile, “You look like you’re in such a hurry, sit down and have some tea and rest a little. We’ll start officially in a while.”

Upon hearing Mo Zhu’s words, Mo Jiu couldn’t hold back his desire to learn. He raised his hand and waved it vigorously. He replied anxiously, “Ms. Mo, I’m not tired or thirsty. Let’s start now.”

As Mo Jiu spoke, he took out the silver needles that he had prepared in advance from his pocket, looking as if he was really studious and eager to study hard and improve.

It had to be known that with Mo Zhu’s current ability, she had grasped so many acupuncture techniques that had long been lost in the martial arts world, even if it was just a set of acupuncture techniques, it was enough for him to have to study it for many years. Now that she had taken the initiative to suggest that she was willing to teach him, this was a rare opportunity that was hard to come by. He did not want to waste a single minute to learn acupuncture treatment!

Seeing how excited Mo Jiu was, Mo Zhu didn’t keep him in suspense. She stood up, took two steps forward, picked up her coat from the sofa, took out her acupuncture bag, and said bluntly, “Alright, in that case, let’s start!”

“The acupuncture technique I’m teaching you how to can connect the bones and also tendons. In the future, depending on your personal ability to master this acupuncture technique, perhaps you can even reach the level where you can use acupuncture to nourish the organs of the human body.”

Just as she finished speaking, Mo Jiu opened his mouth slightly in disbelief. His eyes were wide open. “Ms. Mo, did I hear wrongly? Can acupuncture complete the treatment of reconnecting the bones? And tendons? I’ve never heard of a human body’s tendons being reattached through treatment!”

After pausing for a few seconds, Mo Jiu seemed to have thought of something and added thoughtfully, “And the nourishing human organs that you mentioned just now. In the comprehensive knowledge of Western medicine that I’ve learned previously, the failure and damage of the various organs in the human body are irreversible. According to what you’re saying, is there a possibility of recovering organs that have already started to fail?”

Mo Zhu raised her eyebrows and took two steps forward indifferently. She turned around and looked at the man before saying, “Why? You don’t believe me? There are all sorts of strange things in the world, especially the ancient medical books passed down by the ancestors. There’s nothing that acupuncture and Chinese medicine can’t cure. If there is, it’s only a matter of time before we can do it. Alright, I won’t say anymore. I’ll only demonstrate it once. Come with me!”

After saying this, Mo Zhu walked straight to the room. Mo Jiu scratched his head and pondered over the girl’s words as he followed her closely.

When she arrived at the writing table in the room, Mo Zhu flipped through the messy pile of materials on the table. Previously, in order to facilitate acupuncture and research, she had always carried an acupuncture chart with her. That night, after she was injured in the Kang family and brought here by Huo Xuan, she casually placed the chart on this table.

A few seconds later, Mo Zhu flipped to the acupuncture point map and laid it in front of Mo Jiu. She raised her hand and quickly pointed at a few acupuncture points for the man to see.

Then, she picked up the silver needles she had brought in and demonstrated them to Mo Jiu neatly.

She stared intently at the force Mo Zhu used to insert the needles and the acupuncture points. Half a minute later, she retracted the needles and signaled that the lesson was over.

When Mo Jiu saw this scene, he frowned in confusion. “Ms. Mo? That’s it?”

Mo Zhu shook her head and replied in a low voice, “Of course not. If it’s that simple, wouldn’t everyone be able to become a master?”

After saying this, Mo Jiu nodded in agreement. That’s right, Mo Zhu had only demonstrated the technique with less than ten needles just now. If the steps were so simple, it wouldn’t be so difficult to become an international medical sage!

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