The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More - Chapter 423 - Huo Xuan Is Here  

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Chapter 423: Huo Xuan Is Here

Kang Wan had been in Cloud City for so long and had already secretly investigated the matters between Mo Zhu and the Huo family through her own methods. Naturally, she knew her background very well.

If not for Mo Zhu’s biological mother, who wanted to give her to the Huo family when Huo Xuan was seriously ill, with Huo Xuan’s status, a country bumpkin like Mo Zhu would probably never be able to climb up to such a high branch in her life!

Noticing Kang Wan’s jealous expression, Mo Zhu sneered and retorted, “You’re wrong. Even without me, Huo Xuan wouldn’t have taken a liking to the Kang family! The Kang family only knows how to use underhanded methods to plot against others. It is disgusting to have any contact with you!”

Just as Mo Zhu finished speaking, the sound of a car engine suddenly came from outside the warehouse. It was unknown what happened outside, but sniper bullets shot in from the window again.

Her sharp eyes caught a glimpse of the fire in the night. Mo Zhu turned around and pressed Jiang Yu under her, avoiding the bullets. After rolling a few times, as she was severely exhausted, she was still ruthlessly shot by a bullet in her left shoulder that had been injured by the bullet just now.

An old wound was added to a new one. The flesh on the girl’s shoulder instantly opened up. Blood flowed down in streams, and the side of her shoulder that was soaked spread to her chest.

Pain assaulted her. Just as Mo Zhu was about to be unable to hold on and dodge the next round of shots, the commotion outside the warehouse suddenly stopped. Then, a flashlight shone into the warehouse from the door.

Through the light of the flashlight, Mo Zhu saw that the people who walked into the warehouse were Huo Xuan and Xu Huan. Seeing that the two of them had noticed the commotion and were running over, Mo Zhu relaxed her tense nerves and fainted as if she couldn’t hold on any longer.

Before her consciousness completely disappeared, she only had time to remind Huo Xuan, “Inform someone named Ren in my contact list about my injuries!”

At this moment, when she saw the scene in front of her, Kang Wan covered her mouth in disbelief. She was surrounded by the people Huo Xuan had brought with him. She stood rooted to the ground, trembling in fear.

Huo Xuan lifted Mo Zhu up horizontally. When he passed by the girl, he glanced at her coldly and said with a vicious and resolute tone, “Someone, lock her up in the interrogation camp of the Dark Department. After you’ve gone through every torture device, let her serve the captives in Continent M!”

After a pause, he looked at Kang Wan’s pitiful appearance as she sobbed weakly. He added coldly, “Let Mo Jiu prescribe a good tonic and keep this b*tch alive. I want her to live a life worse than death!”

When Huo Xuan said this, Kang Wan was immediately frightened. She knew this man well. Huo Xuan had always been a man of his word since he was young. When he said this, Kang Wan didn’t even dare to think about her future miserable outcome.

Kang Wan took two steps forward and grabbed the man’s sleeve. She choked and said anxiously, “Brother Huo, you can’t do this to me! All of this! This girl asked for it!”

“Brother Huo, have you forgotten? You still owe my aunt a favor. I can explain everything that happened today. You can’t just sentence me to death like this!”

When Huo Xuan heard this, he sneered and shook off Kang Wan’s hand. He turned his head and glared at the girl’s eyes. “I’ve already repaid Cheng Tang’s favor. I have nothing more to do with the Kang family and the Cheng family. You hurt my fiancée today, I’ll definitely make you pay a thousand times the price!”

After saying this, Huo Xuan didn’t want to look at Kang Wan anymore. He carried Mo Zhu and walked quickly. He left the warehouse and got into the car. He set off for the small mansion he had bought in Country N.

He handed the scene to Mo Wu and Xu Huan and saved Jiang Yu and Meng Ran. After sending the two of them and Zhang Qi back to the hotel, Mo Wu dealt with the remaining men in black in the warehouse while Xu Huan rushed to investigate the exact identities of the people Kang Wan had invited tonight.

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