The Sovereign’s Ascension - Chapter 1136: Sword From The West

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Chapter 1136: Sword From The West

Anyone who could reach the Dragon Pulse Realm would have a position no matter where they went in Kunlun Realm. Cultivators in Kunlun Realm were born in the Xiantian Realm, and those who with some talent would reach the Heavenly Soul Realm at the age of fifteen before facing their first bottleneck in the Empyrean Realm.

As for those who made it through the bottlenecks, they would ultimately be able to reach the Elysium Core Realm. However, most people were stuck and never reached Dragon Pulse Realm. Reaching the Dragon Pulse Realm required hard work, opportunities, inheritance, and fortune.

The Dragon Pulse Realm experts were the foremost experts in the Profound Azure Prefecture, and their strength would affect the grade of a sect. Of course, the Heavenly Star Pavilion also had a Dragon Pulse Realm expert, but no one had imagined that this expert would appear because of Flower Burial.

So when this mighty figure soared into the sky from the Heavenly Star Pavilion, no one could believe what they were seeing. His mighty aura spread out like a dragon as he appeared in the sky.

“Dragon Pulse Realm!” Shock filled Ye Ziling’s eyes as her heart began to throb violently. No matter how strong Flower Burial was, he would be facing a different generation. So it was a little unreasonable to have an expert in the Dragon Pulse Realm stand up.

Although demonic cultivators were unrestrained, they still cared about rules. So when that black figure soared into the sky, other terrifying auras also exploded out in the Demon Domain. They were revealing their existence as a form of intimidation.

For a brief moment, dragon roars enveloped the entire Demon Domain, causing the entire domain to tremble violently. When the middle-aged man sensed this, his face turned ugly. The guardian wasn’t someone he could order around. The fact that the guardian was making a move further emphasized his incapability.

That black figure above the Heavenly Star Pavilion ignored the other aursa and fixed his gaze towards Lin Yun’s direction. Killing intent blazed in his eyes as he stared. As a demonic cultivator, he naturally didn’t follow the rules.

So when he determined Lin Yun’s direction, he didn’t hesitate to charge forward. Instantly, he flashed forward over a few hundred miles away.

It was clear to everyone that Flower Burial was finished. No matter how strong he was, he was destined to die from the Dragon Pulse Realm expert.

But right at this moment, countless spiritual runes appeared around the black figure and formed into a crystal prison. When the prison was formed, an ancient seal appeared that looked like an ancient ice phoenix.

The seal was only the size of a fist, but it was constructed with hundreds of saint runes that the black figure couldn’t destroy despite attacking twice. Those who saw what happened were shocked to see a spiritual array that an expert in the Dragon Pulse Realm couldn’t break.

However, the black figure roared with rage as he unleashed terrifying demonic light from his body. Then, he threw a punch that destroyed the prison. When the prison was destroyed, the black figure soared into the sky once more to determine Lin Yun’s location.

Cold light flashed through his eyes as spiritual arrays appeared in his surroundings again to form a prison. This time, the prison was constructed of dragon bones that happened to trap him just when he was about to land on the ground.

The entire bone prison looked like it was alive as it shrank around him. The bones of the prison walls were giving off a metallic luster that made it seem firm and unbreakable. When the black figure tried to break the prison apart, the collision only produced a metallic clash that echoed out.

He spent a great deal of effort destroying the prison. But when he looked around, Lin Yun was far away once more. Similar incidents occurred along the way as the black figure chased after Lin Yun. Clearly, Lin Yun was prepared to retreat. If it weren’t for the Dragon Pulse Realm expert, there was no way that any of the forces could have chased after Lin Yun.

Everyone that Lin Yun fought felt a chill run down their spines. None of them were experts in the Dragon Pulse Realm, so they would have died if they pursued after him.

Unfortunately for Lin Yun, he wasn’t prepared to deal with a Dragon Pulse Realm expert. Although he was able to give the black figure some trouble, the difference in their cultivation was too large. He would eventually get caught.

“Lin Yun, quick! He’s going to catch up soon!” Lil’ Purple was in Lin Yun’s embrace, so she was able to see what was happening behind Lin Yun.

Lin Yun didn’t reply and focused all of his energy on escaping the Demon Domain. If the black figure was determined to kill him, there was no way he would be safe even outside of the Demon Domain.

A cold light flashed through Lin Yun’s pupils because he was starting to get annoyed. If the other party chased after him outside of the Demon Domain, he would be forced to test the Firmament Battle Cloth. It was his greatest source of strength since it represented the prestige of the Azure Dragon Lord.

He had the Azure Dragon Lord’s promise that if anyone took advantage of Lin Yun with their cultivation, the Azure Dragon Lord would teach them a lesson. In other words, the Firmament Battle Cloth was meant to get rid of old monsters.

Lin Yun’s eyes lit up as he saw a boundless ocean up ahead. After losing the envelopment of darkness and baleful aura, the ocean looked gorgeous under the moonlight. He was finally out of the Demon Domain. However, Lin Yun didn’t stop to look around. Instead, he manifested golden wings behind him and soared over the ocean like a Golden Crow.

As he flew, the Dragon Pulse Realm guardian broke through the remaining spiritual arrays and charged out of the Demon Domain. But the moment he left the Demon Domain, a sword ray descended from the horizon and flew towards him.

The guardian threw up a mouthful of blood and was knocked back into the Demon Domain before he could even chase after Lin Yun. But the sword ray didn’t stop there as it stabbed his chest and then flew towards the Heavenly Star Pavilion.

Just like that, the entire Demon Domain was lit up by the sword ray that caused the moon to turn dark. As for the other Dragon Pulse Realm experts who emitted their aura, they quickly retracted their might and retreated.

A brief moment later, a huge explosion sounded out as the guardian was pinned onto the highest point of the Heavenly Star Pavilion while a sword pierced through his chest.

“You again!” That guardian wore a sinister expression as he looked towards the western direction of the Demon Domain with blood dripping down on his lips. Since the attacker was far away, only the Dragon Pulse Realme experts could see that the guardian was staring at the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect’s direction.

The middle-aged man felt his knees wobble. The guardian was chasing after Flower Burial and then was sent back by a sword the moment he stepped out of the Demon Domain. He was even pinned to the Heavenly Star Pavilion’s plaque.

The middle-aged man couldn’t imagine how strong the attacker was, so despair filled his pupils. He had brought the greatest humiliation to the Heavenly Star Pavilion and the entire Demon Domain. Even the Dragon Pulse Realm demonic cultivators who had a fiery temper had instantly retreated, so he knew that they messed with an entity that couldn’t be offended.

At this moment, the entire Demon Domain fell into silence as if no one saw the guardian pinned on the plaque. The middle-aged man fell on his butt as his lips twitched, “J-just who the hell did I offend…”

Not only him, but the likes of Chu Tianhao, Xuan Feng, and Shen Dongliu were also shocked by this scene. Who was standing behind Flower Burial? They knew that the owner of the sword could have killed the guardian if they wanted, but they graciously gave a warning instead. The warning was clear, the Heavenly Star Pavilion had to follow the rules too!

Lin Yun looked back in surprise. He could sense the boiling killing intent from the black figure, but the black figure was nowhere to be seen.

“Weird…” Lin Yun muttered as he put Lil’ Purple down. Just a moment ago, he could sense flames blazing in his brows that made him feel terrible. It felt as though there was a sword cocoon being nurtured in the center of his brows that wanted to break out. However, he couldn’t break through his bottleneck no matter how hard he tried.

“What’s there to be curious about? That fellow must have been injured by my spiritual array,” said Lil’ Purple proudly.

Lin Yun gathered his thoughts and smiled, “Then I wonder who it was that grabbed onto my neck so hard that my neck became red.”

“Hmph.” Lil’ Purple said calmly, “I was just trying to encourage you. Don’t you know that people whip the horse to make them run faster? You’re my horse. If it wasn’t for me, you would be dead…”

Lin Yun squinted his eyes and suddenly grabbed onto the back of Lil’ Purple’s collar. He disrupted Lil’ Purple from boasting as she flew into a rage with her face turning red, “Lin Yun, I’m really becoming angry! Put this empress down right now!”

“There’s nothing you can do.” Lin Yun laughed before carrying Lil’ Purple on his shoulder. As he walked forward, he glanced at the Demon Domain enveloped in the black mist because he was really curious about what happened in the Demon Domain. He knew that there must be things that he didn’t know about, but his rationale ultimately won over his curiosity and he stopped wondering.

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