The Side Character's Hidden Boss! - Chapter 330 - High School Teacher

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Chapter 330: High School Teacher

Kerria chuckled as she watched the video. Tsk, tsk, it’s getting scary, thankfully I have already slipped away.

But as she placed her phone in her pocket, her phone vibrated. Seeing the name Orchid, Kerria answered it happily, “Hello? Auntie, we’ve just separated but you miss me already?”

“Cut the crap, you wretched girl. You must have noticed it already. The livestream has been cut!”

“I did. Sister Mo Li is so fierce! But it was Sister Edelweiss who installed the cameras, right? Now that the livestream has been cut off, I believe they will find their way to Sister Edelweiss soon. I wonder if the fire will burn to Director Orchid or not.”

“Touch wood! I’m not as dumb as that woman. She wore the mask tightly but the rest of her clothes is left exposed!”

“Oh, so you noticed it too?”

“Do you think you were the only one with eyes? Her real name and work unit are hanging on the tag around her collar. Do you think I’m blind?”

Miss Tao Si from Pearl River High School. When Kerria thought back to it, she couldn’t help but smile. “In any case, your name, Gu Li is false too, right?”

“Would you focus your attention on what’s important? What should we do about the bet?”

“Director Orchid, why are you still putting an act around me? Isn’t this a good thing?”

“Hmph, looks like we’re thinking about the same thing after all.”

This Edelweiss was clever but she was too reckless, making her an unstable element. Since she had messed up this time, she had given the organization the perfect opportunity to cut her loose.

“Speaking of, is this your idea or the boss’ idea?” Kerria lifted her eyes to look out the window when she said that. For the higher-ups, she too was someone who could be abandoned, which was quite sad.

“In the boss’ eyes, we are all expendable. He was willing to help us settle those troubles so in turn, we have to serve him. This is a fair transaction, there are no feelings involved, that is how you like it, no?”

“You’re right. By the way, I’m curious about something. Director Orchid, how did you get roped into this?” Kerria grinned. “Was it because of embezzlement or prostitution?”

“That has nothing to do with you! Stop minding other people’s business. Mind your own position. In any case, I’ve already contacted Tao Si and have arranged for the rest. The livestream will continue.”

“Wait, you mean…” Before Kerria could finish, the call was already hung up. Ceh, this bunch of snobs. Once I have something on them, I’ll make them all pay.

Early the next morning, Mo Li came to Xiao Rui’s room to check on him. “This place is so cold…” Xiao Rui opened his eyes and uttered weakly and slowly.

“Mo Li! We’ve captured the person who bought the cameras. Come look!” Seeing Kang Zhi at the door, Mo Li nodded. “Okay, coming.”

Xiao Rui pulled back his quilt. “I’m coming too.”

“Boss, you’re awake!” When Kang Zhi saw Xiao Rui, virtual flowers bloomed in the background, “But Doctor Lu said that you still can’t…”

Xiao Rui reached out to grab Mo Li. Mo Li looked at the set on the man’s jaw. She sighed. “Okay, I will be there so nothing will happen to you. Come, let’s solve this case.”

“Boss, we’ve captured the person who bought the cameras. It’s an IT teacher from Pearl River High School, Tao Si. We already have her detained. We can interrogate her via video call now.”

Xiao Rui nodded. He turned to Kang Zhi. “Great job! You’ve been working many nights non-stop already. Go rest and leave the rest to me.”

“It’s fine! We’re not tired!”

“Exactly! Plus we’re already so close to the finale. How can we stop now?”

“Besides, the celebrities are still on the island. We need to capture the murderer to ensure their safety.”

“That’s right!”

“Captain Xiao, don’t worry! We’ll stay on until the end!”

Xiao Rui looked at his people helplessly. Then he turned to Mo Li. “So, have you found the killer?”

“Yes, but we shall interrogate Jiang Zhi first before we deal with the teacher. For now, we can have Si Lin deal with Tao Si.”

Si Lin nodded. “Okay, I will start the questioning her to see if Tao Si is related to Flower Appraisal or not!” Si Lin then walked away.

Mo Li looked at Kang Zhi. “Go and get Jiang Zhi and Zhu Wen!”


For some weird reason, Kang Zhi found himself addicted to taking instructions from Mo Li. He never felt that way around his boss.

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