The Side Character's Hidden Boss! - Chapter 312 - Bad Feeling

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Chapter 312: Bad Feeling

Translator: Lonelytree

The urgent matter with Zhang Hong had ended. Mo Li took out her phone and studied the messages from Nie Li. Mo Li had made it clear that she would not participate in this travel variety show but Nie Li had insisted on it. Why?

Mo Li looked through their message records and she couldn’t find any glaring problem. Why does this woman insist on getting me involved in Huan Yu?

As Mo Li was about to retire to bed, she received a call from Xiao Rui. Why is he calling at this hour? Is there another case?

Xiao Rui’s voice was cold like there was something he couldn’t explain. After a long time, he said, “The higher-ups have informed me that I would be participating in a travel variety show by Huan Yu, called Adventures on the Sea. Other than that, I have received another photo tonight.”

Mo Li soon received a photo on her tablet. It was very familiar. It was the death portrait of her and Xiao Rui.

Does this mean Nie Li knows about Flower Appraisal? Why else would she force me to go on this show?

“What is Huan Yu really up to? I know that the dead Dong Yun is related to Zhan Hai. Has Zhan Hai taken part in the activities on Goddess of the Sea as well?” Xiao Rui’s words reminded Mo Li of something. If Zhan Hai was a member of Goddess of the Sea, why he wasn’t on the cruise that day?

At the start, there was Quan Yu’s car accident, and then it pulled in Zhao Jing, Jiang Li, Zhuang Xin’s death, and now the incident at 22 High School and Goddess of the Sea. They appeared unrelated but Zhao Jing was once a trainee at Huan Yu, Zhuang Xin was Zhan Hai’s mistress and was silenced because she knew Huan Yu’s secrets.

Everything had to do with Huan Yu and Zhan Hai. Who would hope Zhan Hai to topple… other than Nie Li? But would the woman make things look so obvious?

Based on the original plot, not long after Nie Li got He Sen’s post, she would be sent overseas, it was then that her background of being related to a Korean business mogul and the Japanese underground boss was revealed. So why had that changed?

Mo Li had a feeling that if this travel variety show was not stopped, someone would die. “This show has to be stopped.”

“I also wish for that but we have no ground to forbid the organizer from doing so. Plus I am confident that there is a Flower among the higher-ups in the law enforcement.”

Mo Li of course knew what the man was thinking. Even though Mo Li was not an agent of justice, Mo Li cared more about preventing a case from happening than the glory of successfully closing a case. Xiao Rui was the complete opposite. However, Mo Li couldn’t comment on it because she didn’t know too much about Xiao Rui’s past.

On the other hand, Nie Li was in a suspicious mood as well. She indeed wanted to overthrow Zhan Hai but everything was going too smoothly. She couldn’t help but wonder if someone was secretly helping her. She turned her attention to Mo Li.

This girl’s appearance is too suspicious. Based on my investigation, she doesn’t even sound like the original Mo Li.

“By the way, the original producer of this show was your second brother but at the last minute, it was changed and a new host was invited.” Xiao Rui looked at the info on his hands.

Mo Li was intrigued because she had found an interesting drug within Mo Xiao’s body. It was this drug that helped Mo Xiao survive the torture. This was also the strangest thing that confused Mo Li the most about Flower Appraisal. So far Flower Appraisal had been helping people take revenge by offering them plans but Mo Li hadn’t heard about this organization being involved in genetic studies. If one used this drug for a prolonged period of time, one’s genes could be changed.

Mo Li eventually sent a message to Nie Li.

Seeing Mo Li’s message, Nie Li frowned with suspicion. Even though she had no idea if Mo Li was her secret helper or not, since Mo Li had decided to participate in the travel variety show, Nie Li would ensure her safety. Perhaps she could even find a chance to bring Mo Li and her dumb nephew together.

2 days later, Xiao Rui met Mo Li and An Wan at the port. He didn’t know what to say. Why is she here? She is not coming along because of me, is it?

“Let us welcome our new friends, Pearl River’s celebrity police officer, Xiao Rui, Huan Yu’s Mo Li, and An Wan…”

Zhu Wen was also surprised that they had sent her a police officer. But with him around, the show would get a lot more exciting.

“The boat is going to dock soon. Everyone, welcome to the wonderful island…”

Mo Li glanced at Zhu Wei. Something was off about this woman.. It was like she was planning something.

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