The Schoolgirl Secret Agent - Chapter 854 - Competition Begins. Three Foreign Languages

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Chapter 854: Competition Begins. Three Foreign Languages

That was right to the point! Did both of the most promising participants come head-to-head just as the competition started?

If one lost to their first opponent in this round of competition, their ranking would go far back no matter what. This was almost like making a draw to see who would win. It was only when one beat their opponent could they continue challenging the other competitors who won as well.

The participant’s placing in the competition would never make it high at the top if they could not win even the first round.

Hence, when Ji Xuetang pointed at Yun Jian haughtily and announced that she was picking Yun Jian, the audience broke out into a clamor.

The “foreign languages prodigy” Ji Xuetang was competing against Yun Jian who could converse effortlessly with a foreigner? This was no doubt the most anticipated duel of everyone there.

Both girls spoke very well, so the venue was noisy with heated discussion instantly.

“This is so exciting! The best two out of the bunch are competing against each other right at the start! Who do you think will win?” someone spoke softly to those around.

Although the venue rules dictated that there should be no talking, people had mouths. The teachers could not possibly shut all the students up.

“Ji Xuetang’s Foreign Languages High School’s genius though! She got individually invited to join a competition abroad back then and I heard that she’d won third place! I think she’ll win for sure!”

“Yeah, that’s right. The girl on the side looks prettier than Ji Xuetang and talked fluently to the foreigner just now but going against our foreign languages genius? That’s impossible!”

The students around them discussed and gossiped like they were going to scrutinize Ji Xuetang and Yun Jian’s background.

Hearing the audience say that Yun Jian was prettier than her, Ji Xuetang gripped her fists tighter—not out of fear but fury! Not only was she going to win today, but she was also going to embarrass Yun Jian in public! She wanted everyone to see if she, the “foreign languages prodigy”, or this girl who had popped out of nowhere was better.

When Ji Xuetang pointed at her and loudly declared that she was choosing her, Yun Jian could already feel the former’s intense hostility toward her. She could not help squinting; her beautiful eyes glinted with a flash.

“I accept.” Narrowing her big eyes, Yun Jian looked straight at Ji Xuetang who was openly challenging her.

Amidst the audience’s cheers and hollers, the competition thus began!

Ji Xuetang and Yun Jian scored the best in their speech, so the first round of this second bout of the contest started with both of them.

“There’s no time limit for the conversation round. As long as it’s not Chinese, any foreign language can be used. That said, our main focus is still English, so please start with English.”

“If you cannot phrase a reply within three seconds, you will be considered to have lost.” A fat judge who sat in the front most stool announced the rules.

The rules of this round were fairly simple. As long as they did not converse in Mandarin, they could talk in any foreign language they wanted. If one of them failed to respond to the opponent’s question within three seconds, the person would lose the competition.

Hearing that they were not limited to English and that they could converse in other foreign languages, Ji Xuetang’s arrogance dripped out of her again. She knew three foreign languages! That’s three languages from three different countries!

She was the strongest in English but she knew simple Japanese and Korean, and could use them for casual conversation. Did that mean that Yun Jian who was right in front of her was bound to lose?

Hah, this was what Ji Xuetang liked—the assurance of a victory! Was there anyone in the venue who knew three foreign languages like her? The answer was no!

Nonetheless, she was not going to stump Yun Jian right away. She wanted the latter to know how much difference was there between them!

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