The Rest Of My Life Is For You - Chapter 1938 - I’m just trying to coax you 4  

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Chapter 1938: I’m just trying to coax you 4

As the Butler spoke, he could clearly feel that fan Yu’s mood on the other end of the phone was also not right.

He immediately did not dare to say another word.

“I got it.”

Fan Yu hung up the phone, and his expression became even gloomier.

He threw the phone back to the passenger seat, and the corners of his mouth curled up into a self-deprecating smile.

What exactly was he expecting?

Was he expecting her to take the initiative to ask to stay?

Or was he going to tell him all her secrets?

She wouldn’t.

In her heart, she had never trusted anyone.

Fan Yu dialed a new number and asked his assistant to cancel the reservation for the restaurant and Rose.

The assistant didn’t dare to say a word and went off to do his work in a low voice.

Fan Yu started the car again and drove towards the Tang family’s villa.

He was going to pick up Xiao Liuliu.

It was still a little early when they reached the Tang family.

Shangxin had initially been reluctant to part with Xiao Liuliu and wanted her to leave after dinner.

However, she seemed to have heard about the changes that had happened at the Qiao Corporation. Seeing that fan yu did not look too good, she did not say anything. She just carried Little Tang Bao down for Fan Yu to see and had the butler pack up Xiao Liuliu’s things.

Little Tang Bao seemed to have sensed that Xiao Liuliu was leaving and kept making a fuss in fan Yu’s arms.

His big black eyes kept blinking at Fan Yu.

It was vividly written that he also wanted to leave with his sister..

Fan Yu turned a blind eye to it.

He pinched his handsome little face and returned the child to Shangxin.

“Little six-six, let’s go.”

Hearing his words, little six-six took her little schoolbag from the butler and darted in front of her little brother. She poked his face with her little finger.

“Little brother, be good. Big sister will come back in two days to take care of you.”


Little Tang Bao’s little mouth twitched. Just as he was about to cry, Xiao Liuliu suddenly lowered her head and kissed him.

The little guy in the swaddling clothes was stunned.

His little mouth was slightly open, and he forgot to cry.

His little face suddenly turned red.

As if he was shy, he crawled into Shangxin’s arms.

After taking care of her little brother, Xiao Liuliu held fan Yu’s hand in relief and pulled him out of the Tang family’s villa.

The moment they got into the car.

Fan Yu was just about to help her fasten the seatbelt of the child’s seat when he heard her start to mutter.

“Father Fan Yu came alone and didn’t bring Aunty. He must have made aunty angry.”

“If Aunty was angry, she wouldn’t have given birth to little brother for Little Six.”

“Father Fan Yu, do you want to give birth to a little brother with Aunty?”


The soul interrogation from Little Six.

Fan Yu’s hand paused, the light in his eyes dimmed, and he opened his mouth as if nothing had happened.

“She will not appear again in the future. If you like an aunty who looks good, I will get the butler to find someone to take care of you.”

“Oh, then can she have a little brother with Papa Fan Yu?”

Fan Yu:”…”

Xiao Liuliu looked as if she was deep in thought.

“I know now. Papa Fan Yu, Aunty must have quarreled. In the past, when my daddy and Mommy Quarreled, they would also say that they would never see each other again. However, my daddy was shameless and would sneak into Mommy’s room at night.”

Fan Yu:”…”

After confirming the look in his eyes, Yu Yuehan was indeed shameless.

Xiao Liuliu continued to ramble on.

“Mommy called me just now and said that she had brought Xiao Liuliu a pretty little brother as a gift. Daddi fan Yu, do you like a little brother or a little brother?”

“What little brother?”

Fan Yu was stunned.

The image of the little boy that he had seen on the phone flashed past his mind.

Nian Xiaomu couldn’t have really lured that child back to Xiao Liuliu..

Xiao Liuliu tilted her head and stuck out her little face.

“Mummy said that the little brother is called fan fan, Fan Yu is Daddi, and fan fan is the little brother.”

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