The Real Young Miss's Secret Identities Revealed - Chapter 364 - So-Called For Your Own Good

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Chapter 364: So-Called For Your Own Good

Seeing that Jiang Li was ignoring her, Mother Jiang became even angrier.

The butler beside Mother Jiang kept staring at her ‘kindly’, so she did not dare to do anything.

“Say something, why are you pretending to be mute!”

“So, what’s the matter? Make it simple, I still have something to do.”

Seeing Jiang Li’s current attitude, Mother Jiang was filled with hatred. This position should have belonged to her daughter, Jiang Man, but thinking of the purpose of coming here this day, mother Jiang adjusted her attitude.

“I heard… Fu Jiuxiao’s leg is completely crippled, right?”

Jiang Li narrowed her eyes and stared at Mother Jiang with a dangerous look. Mother Jiang could not help but look away.

Why was this girl becoming more and more frightening?

“Where did you hear it from?”

Jiang Li’s tone was a little cold. Why were there rumors about Fu Jiuxiao everywhere outside.

“Manman told me!”

Heh, sure enough, Jiang Li knew that it was definitely Jiang Man’s doing.

“You can’t keep clinging on him.” Mother Jiang finally got to the point, and Jiang Li listened patiently.

“Even though Young Master Xu is paralyzed, he is definitely fine in that aspect. Fu Jiuxiao’s broken leg will definitely affect that…”

“Shut up!”

Jiang Li’s face was so gloomy that it was about to drip ink. The butler’s face also changed. The more he looked at Mother Jiang, the more he did not like her. He wanted to call Wangcai in.

“What are you shouting for?!”

Mother Jiang was startled by Jiang Li’s loud shout.

“I’m doing this for your own good. Fu Jiuxiao is in trouble, so who can protect you in the future? Hurry up and change to another family. Young Master Xu may have some mental problems, but the Xu family will at least protect you for the rest of your life.”

“I, Jiang Li, don’t need anyone to protect me!”

Jiang Li knew why Mother Jiang came here. She wanted to persuade her to separate from Fu Jiuxiao and marry Young Master Xu.

Jiang Li really did not understand why Mother Jiang had not given up on this matter after so long.

Mother Jiang wanted to refute, but she was frightened by Jiang Li’s vicious gaze.

“Get out of here before I lose my temper. Otherwise, don’t blame me for letting the dog bite you!”

“Hey, how can you be like this?!”



Seeing that the butler was about to bring Wangcai in, Mother Jiang left the Fu residence unwillingly.

Jiang Li was so angry that her head hurt. She rubbed her temples.

“Madam, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I’m just angry.”

Jiang Li sighed and went to Fu Jiuxiao’s room to pack up Fu Jiuxiao’s clothes.

The reason why Mother Jiang came to the Fu residence this time was because the Jiang family was in dire need of money.

Even though Fu Zhongtian had given her some money, it was only enough to last her for a while.

It was her daughter, Jiang Man, who had reminded her that Fu Jiuxiao’s legs were crippled, and it would be difficult for him to recover in the future. Why not persuade Jiang Li and Fu Jiuxiao to separate and make Jiang Li stay with Young Master Xu?

In this way, they could get 100 million yuan from the Xu family as a betrothal gift.

Father Jiang also felt that this method was feasible, so he asked Jiang Man to give it a try.

However, Jiang Man recalled the scene where she was almost bitten to death by a dog when she went to the Fu residence last time. She did not dare to go, so she urged her mother to go.

Mother Jiang asked what was there to be afraid of? She could just throw a brick at it. Unfortunately, when she really saw this dog that was half the height of a person, she was still scared until her legs went soft.

This time, once she went back from her failure, Mother Jiang could imagine that Father Jiang would definitely lose his temper at her. Thinking about it, she really felt wronged. Hence, she ran to a white horse club recommended by a good friend who was a noblewoman.

Recently, Mother Jiang had just gotten into this new kind of fun. At first, she did not dare to, but later, under the persuasion of her best friend, she carefully probed.

In the end, she really opened the door to a new world!

There was a handsome young man with a good figure inside. He was quite likable.

Mother Jiang planned to go to his place to relax.

Jiang Li was packing her clothes when she received a call from Yan Zheng.

Their surprise attack had failed!

Even Jiang Li was surprised. Could it be that the address was wrong?

After that, Yan Zheng dispelled her doubt.

“No, the address is right. They must have received the news and evacuated in advance.”

The traces of evacuation and escape here were very obvious. Many things could not be destroyed in time. However, some of the confidential items seemed to have been hidden or burned by the other party.

Occasionally, from the burned fragments, it could be seen that this was the headquarters of the Black Crow in Sea City.

They were clearly one step away!

If they had come earlier, the Black Crow organization would not have all escaped.

From the looks of it, the escape route should have been by sea. Although the Coast Guard and Marine Defense Squad had been notified, they did not know if they could successfully stop the Black Crow.

Jiang Li was also very depressed that they had not caught the group of people.

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