The Real Young Miss's Secret Identities Revealed - Chapter 363 - Mother Jiang’s Visit

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Chapter 363: Mother Jiang’s Visit

However, Fu Jiuxiao was still dissatisfied with Jiang Li’s conversation with Blake, so he asked Jiang Li to block him.

Jiang Li comforted him, saying that it would not be too late to block him after she got all the ingredients.

Jiang Li was not scumbag. Blake was a nice guy, but he had a weird personality. He had helped her twice, so she could not really cheat him.

Therefore, Jiang Li had been giving Blake some good advice during this period of time. As for the ‘promise’ that Blake had mentioned, it was just that Jiang Li planned to send a link to Blake.

The content of the link was how to get rid of unrequited love!

This was the essence that she had spent some effort to collect on the internet. It was the result of countless unrequited lovers. Moreover, the reviews were super high, and many people said that they did not want to have crushes or unrequited love after seeing it.

They were living a good life on her own, even though a few people had already seemed to have become monks and seen through the mortal world…

However, this was the effect she wanted!

Jiang Li even translated it into English so that Blake could understand it better.

After Fu Jiuxiao found out, his mood improved a lot, but he also felt sorry for Blake.

Fortunately, his sincerity got a response.

Jiang Li had to go back home in the afternoon to bring over a few comfortable clothes for Fu Jiuxiao. He always looked listless in his hospital gown.

After instructing Dapeng and Erlong to pay attention to things, Jiang Li asked the butler to come to pick her up.

Ever since she became famous, Jiang Li kept a lower profile. If she could get the butler to pick her up, she would try not to take another bus.

When she reached the door, Wangcai pounced on her.

Jiang Li avoided it. It was a joke that when the giant dog pounced on her, its claws were directly on her face.

The butler restrained Wangcai. Jiang Li rubbed Wangcai’s head and entered the door.

Not long after entering the door, she heard Wangcai’s cry again. Jiang Li thought that Wangcai was still immersed in the joy of its master returning home and did not pay much attention to it.

Jiang Li only reacted when she heard a few voices. “Wasn’t this her biased mother? Why did she suddenly come to the Fu Residence?”

Mother Jiang had been squatting near the entrance of the Fu residence for the past few days. With so many bodyguards guarding the hospital, she could not get close at all. Jiang Li had a trained dog like Wangcai, so Mother Jiang did not dare to get too close. She did not care so much until she saw Jiang Li get out of the car.

Jiang Li could not possibly watch her being bitten to death by the dog, right?

Nothing good would happen when Mother Jiang came, so Jiang Li asked the butler to send her away.

However, Mother Jiang’s sharp and unpleasant voice came from outside the door.

“Jiang Li, how dare you to chase away your own mother?! My God, how could I raise such a daughter?!”

The voice was so loud that it was as if there were several loudspeakers installed.

Although this was a suburb, it was also a villa area. The people living there were all rich and noble. Although there was a distance between them, Mother Jiang’s voice was so sharp that it could be heard from 500 meters away.

Jiang Li had no choice but to ask the butler to invite Mother Jiang in.

Mother Jiang got what she wanted and walked in proudly in her high heels.

The moment she entered and saw the decoration and layout of the Fu family, she was shocked. There were many famous paintings and antiques. Moreover, this leather sofa was the furniture that she had been thinking about but could not bear to buy.

Moreover, the walls, the lights, the stairs…

After Mother Jiang finished looking around the hall, she restrained the greed and envy in her eyes and looked at Jiang Li, feeling extremely unhappy.

Especially since that Jiang Li was acting as the owner, sitting in the middle of the sofa, holding the coffee that the butler made. Her posture was extremely noble, while Mother Jiang looked like a servant. Mother Jiang’s eyes were red with jealousy.

She had thought that Jiang Li would not have a good life in the Fu family. After losing the support of the Jiang family, she would become a village girl. Fu Jiuxiao had only gotten engaged to Jiang Li because of Old Master Fu.

However, from the looks of it, Mother Jiang did not know what tricks Jiang Li had used to subdue Fu Jiuxiao.

“Have you seen enough?”

Jiang Li found it very interesting to see Mother Jiang’s unworldly look. These people used to look at her like that, right?

She did not expect that a day like this would come.

Mother Jiang looked unhappy,

“What? Your real mother is here, and you don’t even make a cup of tea? You have no manners at all!”

“You didn’t teach me, so how can you talk about manners?”

Mother Jiang was rendered speechless, so she had to change the topic.

“You have a good life here. Fu Jiuxiao treats you very well, right?”

“It’s not up to you to worry. Tell me your purpose of coming here.”

Seeing that Jiang Li did not invite her to sit down, Mother Jiang shamelessly sat beside Jiang Li and said arrogantly,

“I’m here for your own good!”

Jiang Li did not reply. She just stared at the cushion under Mother Jiang’s butt. She had to get the housekeeper to throw it away and buy a new one.

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