The Real Young Miss's Secret Identities Revealed - Chapter 353 - Misunderstood By The Fans

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Chapter 353: Misunderstood By The Fans

This made Jiang Li sigh. It turned out that even the police had to go on business trips from time to time.

After the discussion, the two of them left the milk tea shop. Just as Jiang Li was about to take a taxi home, a person who claimed to be Jiang Li’s fan came to ask for Jiang Li’s autograph.

Jiang Li did not react for a moment.

First of all, she had never had the experience of signing autographs for her fans. Secondly, it felt suspicious to her. She felt that people who approached her for no reason had other bad intentions.

The variety show that was originally recorded by Jiang Li had already started broadcasting. With the publicity of the previous program team and the exposure of the scandal of Ning Ke’er, this variety show was still liked by many people.

Especially Jiang Li’s performance in it. She was so beautiful even without makeup.

Moreover, Jiang Li was completely unafraid of dirt. She stepped on the mud as she pleased. She also knew so many herbs and was very polite to others.

She was simply a contemporary idol who was a combination of beauty and talent.

Due to the popularity of this variety show, many netizens also started to dig into Jiang Li’s past. They originally wanted to dig up some dirt or something.

In the end, they found that it was all very positive things.

At most, it was the matter of Jiang Man and Jiang Li tearing each other apart that had a deeper impact. However, the direction of public opinion was still biased toward Jiang Li.

They felt that it was already the most merciful thing for Jiang Li not to have a falling out with Jiang Man and not to cause trouble for no reason.

Jiang Li was always able to perfectly come up with solutions to Jiang Man’s layer upon layer of frame-ups. At the same time, she also created the image of a smart, quick-witted, and courageous strong woman.

Jiang Li was also a comic god, the disciple of a fashion design god, and the number one scholar in the province! Most importantly, she had a mysterious and rich fiancé.

It was a double harvest of career and love!

Therefore, Jiang Li naturally attracted a large number of fans.

No wonder when she walked into the milk tea shop, she could feel some strange gazes. Was it because she was already so popular?

This little fan looked like she was only 15 or 16 years old. She was also very cute, and her big round eyes could easily deceive people.

Jiang Li gave a signature smile and agreed to sign the autograph for the little fan.

The little fan was very excited after getting the autograph. She seemed to have thought of something and asked Jiang Li tentatively.

“Is that boy just now your fiancé, sister?”

He was so handsome and had such a temperament. The two of them seemed to be very compatible.


Jiang Li did not expect that she and Yan Zheng would be misunderstood, so she explained helplessly.

“It’s just a normal friendship. My man is ten thousand times better than him!”

Jiang Li was still a little proud when she said this. Then, she said goodbye to the little fan and left in the car.

The little fan was left in a daze.

He was ten thousand times better than the handsome guy just now! What kind of existence was that?

Jiang Li did not expect to meet fans even when she took a taxi home. Although the driver looked to be in his forties, he recognized Jiang Li the moment he saw her.

Then, he excitedly asked Jiang Li all kinds of questions. Jiang Li was not in the mood, but she still patiently answered.

The driver excitedly said that he was Jiang Li’s fan, and then he even asked his whole family to follow Jiang Li.

Jiang Li put on a standard fake smile and said thank you.

However, the driver did not stop. Jiang Li sat the whole way, and the driver talked the whole way.

Fortunately, the driver was a person with morals. He did not ask Jiang Li too many personal questions, nor did he force her to take a photo with him. He only asked Jiang Li to write a blessing on a piece of paper for her daughter who was going to take the college entrance exam next year.

A blessing written by the person who got first in the provincial exam. When he went back, he would ask his daughter to frame it on the wall so that she could be influenced every day. He did not expect his daughter to be the first in the provincial exam, but her results should not be too bad either.

After Jiang Li finished writing the blessing, the driver happily kept saying thank you and did not charge Jiang Li’s fare.

After sending Jiang Li to the designated location, he quickly left.

Jiang Li smiled helplessly. This person was quite interesting. However, would she have to wear a mask when she went out in the future?

That would be a bit troublesome. It turned out that it was not convenient to be too popular. Jiang Li preferred to keep a low profile.

The entire Fu Corporation was surrounded by a strange atmosphere,

many employees were discussing something outside.

When Zhuo Yihang saw it, he coughed hard and said coldly, “What are all of you doing here? Don’t you need to do anything?”

As soon as he said that, everyone went back to their posts in shock.

Fu Zhongtian had gone crazy today. He had rejected the project plans of several teams and asked them to adjust the plans again.

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