The Queen of Everything - Chapter 846 - Publicly, I Have a Boyfriend

Chapter 846: Publicly, I Have a Boyfriend

Of course, this matter was more serious than expected.

Su Cha had a private fanbase. Some fans had already asked her if it was true.

Through these fans, many things could be disseminated to the rest. Fu Mo had been maintaining contact with them.

Since they were asking, it meant that they were also making a fuss about this in private.

Su Cha thought for a while. She also wanted to clarify this matter. Even though a certain someone wanted to have a proper status for himself, she was still the one who’d call the shots.

If she really got married or something, she would naturally announce it.

After thinking about it, Su Cha officially clarified the news on Weibo.

Su Cha Official: “Recently, some news has really troubled me. The past is long behind me. There’s no need to miss it. I already have a boyfriend, someone who’s not in the industry. For his privacy, I can’t reveal anything, so I apologize to the fans. Also, I’m actually already 19 years old. I’m a year older than what’s stated in my identity card. Everyone has a past, and I’m no exception. Some things have to pass. My boyfriend has been jealous recently. I hope there won’t be any groundless rumors.”

“If you deny it, so be it. Why did you announce that you have a boyfriend??????????”

“You actually have a boyfriend!!!!!!!!”

“Who is your boyfriend? Tell me, let me beat him to death.”

“No, no, no, no. I refuse to believe that you actually have a boyfriend. Which beastly man is it? I’m so angry that I’m vomiting blood!”

“Luckily, I’m just a fan of yours…”

“Wow, you really are awesome. Your actual achievements have not even been revealed yet, but you directly announced that you have a boyfriend?”

“I’m relieved that it’s not him. He just wants to step on you to rise up the ranks. You must not want him. He’s not worthy of you!”

“So ship fans are indeed stupid. It’s really stinky. Forcefully drawing connections between two unrelated people.”

“It seems like this was just hype about them being together… Tsk tsk tsk tsk…”

Her news was rather sudden. Logically speaking, celebrities did not need to clarify these groundless rumors. Those who did not believe it would not believe it unless they saw the real evidence. Even if they saw it, they could close their eyes and deny it.

In the end, not only did Su Cha deny it, but she also admitted that she had a new boyfriend…

This was simply a bomb.

Even The Legend of the Crane was a little dumbfounded. They suspected that Su Cha had deliberately released big news to hype up her drama.

#Su Cha announced that she has a boyfriend#

#Su Cha’s boyfriend, not from the industry#

Then the question was, who was Su Cha’s boyfriend?

The issue about Su Cha’s sugar daddy had not been explained clearly. Could the non-showbiz man she was talking about be the higher-up from the Imperial Mu Group?


Could it be that Su Cha directly called the sugar daddy her boyfriend?

Su Cha wanted to like this.

She called Bo Muyi immediately after she posted on Weibo.

“Are you happy now?”

Su Cha was not angry, but she felt helpless. “I knew you were the one who’d caused Zhai Yao’s matter.”

“Don’t mention him. I don’t want to hear his name.”

The man snorted angrily. Although he was satisfied that Su Cha had announced that she had a boyfriend, Bo Muyi started to push his luck. “You can tell people some details about me. It’s fine if you say that your boyfriend’s surname is Bo.”

Su Cha chuckled. “Your surname is Bo. The outsiders already know that I have a deep relationship with the Imperial Mu Group. You are the only one in the upper echelons of the corporation with the surname Bo. Wouldn’t you be exposed?”

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