The Queen of Everything - Chapter 845 - Bind

Chapter 845: Bind

“Who the hell would want to set you up with her?”

Sang Shishi could not reveal her identity as Zhai Yao’s girlfriend. Although she had been dazzled by the beauties within the entertainment industry in the short time she had been in the Imperial Capital, she could not help but feel jealous when she thought about Zhai Yao and Su Cha.

She could only stay by Zhai Yao’s side as an assistant. Why?

Zhai Yao paused and pushed Sang Shishi impatiently. “How would I know?”

In the past, he used to think that Sang Shishi was a gentle and charming girl who could get along well with others. She was the best partner for him, Zhai Yao. But now, why did she seem to be as unreasonable as a shrew?

Actually, there were times when he regretted it.

Other factors aside, Su Cha had treated him very well when she was with him. She was obedient and cute, but she did not like to be extroverted. In the end, she was forced to be like that.

Now that he saw the dazzling Su Cha on TV, he felt regretful. But when he thought about how Su Cha had hit him expressionlessly, he shivered.

“You don’t know?”

When Sang Shishi saw Zhai Yao pushing her, she wanted to return the favor angrily, but she suddenly thought of something and stopped. “Could it be that Su Cha deliberately hyped it up?”

This was very normal!

As if she had understood something, Sang Shishi found it increasingly believable. “That’s it. Yes, that’s it. She wants to use your scandal to hype up her popularity.”

Zhai Yao: “…”

No matter how he looked at it, it was he who had taken advantage of her.

He had also asked Lian Chi if he was the one who had instructed it. Lian Chi’s intention was unclear, and Zhai Yao could not understand it. It seemed like Lian Chi had done it, but it also seemed like someone else had done it.

He had never understood Lian Chi. In the past, Lian Chi had asked him to get close to Su Cha. A while ago, he’d suddenly called Zhai Yao to the Imperial Capital and forced him to enter an entertainment company.

He was actually unwilling, but he agreed when he thought about the money.

Even now, he did not know who Lian Chi was, but when he spoke to him, he felt a chill down his spine.

He did not know why Lian Chi wanted him to join an entertainment company.

He did not tell Sang Shishi about it.

He had not seen Su Cha yet and did not know what she intended.

In fact, he did not want Su Cha to deny anything. Because wouldn’t that mean that they still had a chance?

If Su Cha’s temper had returned to normal, he would be willing to be with her.

The matter on the Internet became more and more heated. Tan Jinsui also officially told Su Cha, “Hiberia is about to announce your identity as their spokesperson. You don’t need to rely on other news to create hype, so you have to clarify this matter.”

Su Cha frowned. “Did you notice something?”

Tan Jinsui chuckled. “It’s very simple. Someone’s significant other is feeling impatient. I know because I can’t get someone to do the public relations. He probably wants you to admit something. Of course, whether you are willing to admit it or not is your problem. As for my opinion, if he’s impatient, I suggest that you don’t provoke him.”

Su Cha sighed. “As expected.”

In fact, she had already guessed that Bo Muyi did it on purpose. Now, Tan Jinsui could tell that Zhai Yao’s popularity in such a short time had something to do with Bo Muyi.

What was the point? In order to make her clarify things, he had to watch her be linked to her ex-boyfriend.

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