The Queen of Everything - Chapter 1040 - Get A Checkup At The Hospital?

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"Su Cha, aren't you too much?"

Tan Jinsui could not stand it anymore and said to Su Cha, "Hua Nie likes it even though it's ugly. It's not in your way."

The entire production crew was surprised.

After all, other than Tan Jinsui, no one else dared to say anything about Su Cha.

But they felt it.

Something was wrong with Su Cha recently.

The usual Su Cha had an explosive aura and a cold beauty.

But she had nothing to say to others. She was not very warm and friendly to others, but she also did not look arrogant. When you greeted her, she would respond politely. She did not act like a big shot.

But recently, Su Cha had been making people feel that she was not easy to get along with…

It was not that kind of performance, but the change in aura seemed to catch people off guard.

Now that Tan Jinsui said this, Su Cha seemed to be stunned in front of everyone. Then, she felt flustered and irritable. She turned around and rushed into her lounge.

She seemed to be venting her anger.

Tan Jinsui was stunned.


It was the first time Tan Jinsui had spoken like that to her in front of so many people. Was she really angry?

However, Tan Jinsui instinctively felt that something was wrong.

Su Cha was not usually so petty.

Seeing that Su Cha was actually angry, Hua Nie started to worry. "Ah, I will take this away immediately. Su Cha, don't be angry…"

"That's not the problem."

Tan Jinsui shook his head. He felt that the problem was not with Hua Nie, but with Su Cha.

Hua Nie's assistant had a strange look in his eyes. He suddenly approached Hua Nie and whispered to him, "Don't you feel that Miss Su has been acting strangely recently?"

Hua Nie was stunned. He looked around and hesitated. "She has been a little strange…"

It was hard to tell what was strange, but Su Cha seemed to be a little more impatient than before.

Hua Nie was also very nervous. He had been studying the script crazily recently, afraid that he would drag Su Cha down.

"Is it…"

The assistant hesitated for a moment and did not dare to say it in detail. He whispered to Hua Nie, "Is she pregnant? My sister used to have a good temper, but she suddenly became very angry when she got pregnant…"

Hua Nie was stunned.

He immediately thought of something and stammered, "That's impossible… Su Cha… How old is Su Cha?"

"She's 20, her birthday is coming up soon!"

The junior assistant was very clear. "It's very normal."

Her boyfriend was already 25 years old. It was not uncommon for Su Cha to live with him.

Other than pregnancy, the assistant did not know what could have made Su Cha change so much.

Tan Jinsui had already followed her in, so he did not hear the junior assistant and Hua Nie's discussion. Now that they thought about it, they felt that it was similar, but they could not be sure…

Who could be sure?

It seemed that the person involved did not know. If they spoke nonsense and it turned out to be nothing, wouldn't it cause trouble?

After Su Cha entered the room, she was stunned for a long time.

Actually, she did not know why she was angry. She just felt that her tolerance for small things was getting worse.

"What's wrong with you recently? If you're too stressed, why don't you go to the hospital?"

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