The Queen of Everything - Chapter 1039 - It's Ugly, Take It Away

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After "He Chun" officially wrapped up, it was already the next spring.

Ever since the news about Su Cha's boyfriend was made public, she had been silent for a long time.

During the filming of "He Chun," Su Cha had had to immerse herself in this character's mental state, so she became much more depressed.

This melancholy was not part of Su Cha's personality. It was as if she was affected by the character in the movie.

Tan Jinsui said that this was a good thing. It proved that Su Cha's acting skills were improving.

However, he still asked Su Cha to see a psychiatrist.

Some actors were like this. If they were overly addicted to a role, they would easily fall deep into it and not be able to extricate themselves. There were many in the industry who got lost in their role, especially those tragic characters. After acting, they would suffer from depression.

Although Su Cha had a strong mentality, Tan Jinsui felt that something was wrong with Su Cha.

She used to be very calm, but she had been going a little overboard with her calmness during this period.

For example, at some point in time, she had ordered Fu Mo to buy food for her from afar.

It took an hour to go back and forth. When she asked Fu Mo to buy it, Tan Jinsui said, "It's so far away. Why don't you go with Fu Mo after filming?"

Tan Jinsui usually spoke like this, but for some reason, Su Cha's face darkened and she said directly, "I want to eat it."

Of course, Fu Mo tried to coax Su Cha. Hearing this, she smiled and said, "It's okay, Uncle Tan. I'm taking the car anyway. I'll just buy it for Classmate Su. I'll be back soon. Please watch over Classmate Su."

"How old is she? Does she need me to watch over her?"

Tan Jinsui rolled his eyes. After Fu Mo left, he looked at Su Cha, who was frowning, and said bluntly, "Su Cha, are you acting like a big shot now that you're popular? Isn't it too late for you to realize that? Haven't you noticed that you've become… a little pretentious recently?"

His words were subtle.

It was hard to imagine that this word would be used on Su Cha one day.

Unexpectedly, Su Cha said seriously, "I think so too."

Actually, she could not be blamed. She had been feeling unhappy recently.

For some reason, she suddenly found her surroundings unpleasant. It was the same as usual, and no one had offended her.

When she suddenly thought of something, she'd want it. If it was food, she must eat it.

She had always been very self-disciplined. It was impossible for such a thing to have happened.

At times, she seemed to be unreasonable.

After Fu Mo left, Su Cha seriously thought about what had happened to her for the first time.

Was it because "He Chun" was in a melancholic state and she was too immersed in her acting that she was affected?

But it was impossible. Her understanding of "He Chun" was not so good that Tan Jinsui should praise her…

At this moment, Hua Nie and his assistant carried a small statue over. Tan Jinsui said, "Hua Nie bought some nonsense online again…"

The statue looked like a work of art. It was hard to explain. Hua Nie lifted it and placed it on the resting table. Su Cha stared at it and suddenly said, "It's so ugly. Take it away!"

Hua Nie: "…"

He suddenly looked over and looked a little hurt. "Ah, is it ugly?"

His assistant looked at Su Cha in disbelief.

This ugly thing… was not doing anything to Miss Su.

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