The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny - Chapter 543 - All Your Fault

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Chapter 543: All Your Fault

No matter what, the bet that had been going on for many days finally came to an end.

In order to prevent Xie Niushan from killing people in his rage, everyone ran fast. Before they left, they even locked Xie Niushan in a room in the restaurant.

As soon as they left, Xie Niushan grunted.

Who was headblock?

It would make sense if they turned it around!

“This bunch of blockheads!”

Xie Niushan no longer looked like he was drunk. The smell of alcohol still lingered on his body, but his feet were stable. It was fun to visit a random place.

Before he came, he asked the steward to get a person nobody was familiar with to the gambling den and bet 45 taels of silver.

This bunch of blockheads. Was he not the one who had the final say over which wife he cared for the most? How could they gamble on such a thing? They were fools to do that.

It was a pity that the money Xi’er had given him was too little. Otherwise, he could have earned a little more.

However, he could not bet too much. Betting at this place would attract attention. If the amount was too high, the gambling den would be upset about it.

The odds for Ms. Peng were high. If he placed a bet of 45 taels of silver, he could get 180 taels of silver. Even after deducting the gambling den’s commission, he could still get 150 taels of silver.

He finally had some money in his private savings. As for the sum of money, he naturally could not let the two girls know about it.

Oh right, he even got the invitation to another restaurant.

The more Xie Niushan thought about it, the happier he became.

At that moment, the bet at the gambling dens had been finalized.

Most of the people who placed their bets on Ms. Lin had lost a lot. The people who placed their bets on Ms. Peng had made a fortune.

In the courtyard near the Royal Academy, Ms. Lu’s face turned pale when she heard the news.

“Mother, do you still hope to become Xie Niushan’s sweetheart? What a joke.” Pei Wanyue was a lot more straightforward now. “Ms. Peng gave him the family business, and Ms. Lin was getting married for the first time. Moreover, they were young and beautiful. What do you have? An old face?”

When Ms. Lu heard that, she was so angry that her hands trembled. “You wretched girl! It’s all your fault!”

“Yes, it’s all my fault. That’s why you couldn’t become an official’s wife.” Pei Wanyue smiled sarcastically.

Ms. Lu wanted to cry but there were no tears.

She thought after leaving the Xie family, she would have her daughter by her side. No matter how hard life was, she would be fearless. However, she did not expect her daughter to become like that!

Back then, she had taken quite a lot of money and possessions from the Xie family. If she spent it sparingly, she would be able to use it for the rest of her life.

When she bought the shop, her daughter could not stop crying. She said she might as well stayed in Liaozhou instead of coming to the capital. Her daughter cried so much that her heart ached for her, so she made the decision to hand over all the money from the shop to her.

She also thought when her daughter grew up, she would indeed learn to be a housekeeper.

However, she did not expect that when she bought the shop, her name would be written on the title deed of the house, and all the money in the family would be in her hands. After that, her daughter changed.

She occasionally wanted to eat bird’s nest, but her daughter thought it a waste of money.

Her daughter sold all of the clothes and jewelry that she had brought over from the Xie family earlier. There were only one or two sets left!

She said that she was old, and no one would be willing to look at her even if she was dressed in fancy clothes!

Her daughter was sensible and considerate in the past, but now…

It was as if she was already a burden. Every now and then, she would look at her with disgust.

Ms. Lu’s heart turned cold.

At that moment, she was upset. Pei Wanyue looked at her and said sarcastically, “At the end of the day, Mother, you are the one who is not capable enough. You have been married for so many years and you can’t even bear a child. If you had a son, would you have been kicked out of the family?

“When I came to the capital, what did you tell me? You said that the two younger ones in the family would already be on your side, but in the end? That Xie Pinghuai wasn’t even willing to give up a piece of white jade to make discipleship! You were chased out for so long, and he didn’t even come to see you. Ugh. You were just treated as an old nanny for no reason. You’re useless now, so naturally you’re being gotten rid of.”

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