The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny - Chapter 542 - Speaking the Truth When One is Drunk

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Chapter 542: Speaking the Truth When One is Drunk

Xie Niushan had the temper of an animal and he was heartless.

At that moment, he was indeed reminiscing about the past, but it was only a matter of a quarter of an hour.

After a short silence, he continued to rest happily. He drank, ate, and practiced his broadsword without staying idle.

On the next day, he watched the play as usual. His expression did not reveal any joy or anger. It was as if he was looking at someone else’s matter. There was no reaction at all.

His ability to adapt was incomparable.

No matter what, it was a fact that he had chosen Ms. Peng.

After the last day of the play, Xie Niushan received the invitation. He did not stay idle for a moment and immediately went to the accounts to get money.

The monthly allowance that Xie Xi had set for Xie Niushan was 50 taels of silver per month. It was more than half less of what he was given when Ms. Lu was around!

However, he did not say anything. He spent as much as he could.

Xie Niushan went to the restaurant, and a group of people came. There were many people in the restaurant who came to propose a toast. One jar after another, he soon became dizzy.

“Master Xie?” The person next to him called out.

“Yes.” Xie Niushan shook his head.

“Which wife do you think was the best?” Someone asked.

Everyone listened carefully, afraid that they would miss it.

Xie Niushan was stunned, but he did not seem to be completely irrational. His expression was conflicted, as if he felt that the custom in the capital had really changed!

It was strange.

“It’s none of your business!” Xie Niushan was very fierce.

Everyone present was shocked. They laughed dryly and said, “I heard that Ms. Lin was pretty. You loved her very much back then. She must be your favorite wife, right?”

“No, Master Xie, it’s Ms. Lu, right? Although Ms. Lu and you are divorced, her family is still considered wealthy. She has also helped you raise your children. When you married her back then, you must have truly admired her, right?”

Xie Niushan’s dazed eyes were wandering off now.

“Don’t talk to me about that spendthrift woman. She’s bad luck!” Xie Niushan snorted.

“Spendthrift woman? Who? But did Ms. Lin ever let you down?” The person next to him quickly added.

Xie Niushan was upset. He stood up unsteadily and directly kicked the table. “Are you someone who can talk about my woman?”

With that said, everyone understood.

That spendthrift woman was definitely not Ms. Lin. She should be Ms. Lu.

Alright, Ms. Lu was definitely not his favorite.

Since they had already divorced, there was naturally no relationship at all.

“Master Xie, I heard that Ms. Peng was a shrew. Do you have a special dislike for her?” One of the people who was seeking death asked.

Xie Niushan frowned and his mouth reeked of alcohol. “Can you repeat that for me?!”

That person was shocked.

“That’s what they say… Master Xie, weren’t you kidnapped to the mountain stronghold back then? I-It must be because that woman was so fierce that she couldn’t find a husband, that’s why…”

Bam! Xie Niushan hit the man.

The man was almost kicked downstairs. Fortunately, the people next to him reacted quickly and were well-prepared, so they saved him.

Xie Niushan glared at the group of people with a fierce look. “I’ve long seen that you dogs have bad intentions! Tell me! Did the neighboring village send you here?!”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Was he really drunk?

“Go back and tell the headblock that he’d never be able to take my wife from me. Who said that I was forced into a corner?! I’m happy! You guys are just jealous that I have a wife!” Xie Niushan said fiercely, “You’re just jealous my wife is beautiful! She’s mine!”

Xie Niushan mumbled.

However, everyone understood him.

Looking at how protective he was, it was obvious that her favorite wife was Ms. Peng!

However, who was this headblock? Could it be that someone had fought with Master Xie for Ms. Peng back then? If that was the case, how was Ms. Peng really a Yaksha?

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