The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny - Chapter 1183 - Acknowledging a Master  

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Chapter 1183: Acknowledging a Master


If it were some street swindlers, they would definitely praise Meng Jifang’s fortune to the point that there was no such thing as heaven or earth. However, the Meng family was not an ordinary family, and they knew what kind of masters were legitimate.

The ones they found were all reliable.

The masters did a simple calculation and did not feel that there was much of a problem. Meng Jifang’s facial features and bone structure were all excellent.

However, combining his eight characters, demeanor, and his background, after a careful calculation, they found that there was a big problem.

“The life of a monk.”

After working hard for a few days, Marquis Meng received these five words.

His hair turned white.

After careful calculation, all of the masters got the same result. If his son became a monk, he would definitely live a long life. However, if he did not become a monk, he would not live for more than thirty years?!

Meng Jifang was also dumbfounded.

He felt dizzy.

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“Father, I don’t want to shave my head and become a monk!” Meng Jifang was dumbfounded, “I can’t drink wine or look at beauties. What’s the point of living like this? I don’t care, just let me die! Don’t I still have a few years left? At least let me give birth to a child!”

Marquis Meng’s hands were shaking.

“Father, you’re not really going to send me off to become a monk, are you?!” Meng Jifang was a little afraid.

Marquis Meng clenched his fists. “If you die before your mother and I, not only would it take your life, it would also take our lives! Your eldest brother’s health isn’t good, and I thought that the Crown Prince’s position would be yours sooner or later. But now… Son, fortunately, you still have a younger brother, so you don’t have to worry about the direct line of succession…”

Meng Jifang looked at him in a daze.

So now it was…

“Didn’t those masters also say so? Fortunately, they discovered it early. If you were to delay it for a few more years, you can’t even be a monk. You can only wait for death…

“I thought that being a monk is a bit rough. You’ll have to get up before dawn to recite scriptures and shave your head. You don’t look good without hair. Why don’t you become a Taoist master? I see that Taoist masters don’t have many rules…”

There were two kinds of Taoist masters.

One would fast and not marry, and the other could marry and have children…

However, he guessed that his son might not be able to marry…

“Father?” Meng Jifang’s heart trembled. “I-I don’t want to…”

“There are several big Taoist temples in the capital. Choose carefully. When I go back, I’ll go to the accounts and get some money. Give it to the Taoist temple and donate a golden statue. After you go in, you’ll have some dignity and you won’t suffer…” Marquis Meng’s eyes were red.

How could this poor son of his have such a life?

Meng Jifang almost rolled his eyes and passed out.

He had been to a lot of Taoist temples in the past few days, and the rules were quite strict!

After he went in, all the good food, drinks, and fun would be gone. What was there to live on?!

“Father, that Mo Chusheng is also a Taoist master, right?! Look at her. She drinks, brags and strolls around. She’s living a very leisurely life, right?! If I become a Taoist master like her, then that’s fine. But the tortures at the Taoist temple… I can’t do that!” He suddenly thought of something.

That Mo Chusheng could still open a shop.

He had earned quite a lot of money as well. He was living a carefree life.

“You want to acknowledge Mo Chusheng as your master?” Marquis Meng thought about it. Although it was a little embarrassing, his son was already like this. As long as he wanted to, he would do everything he could to fulfill his wish!

“I haven’t… thought about it…”

He did not want to become a Taoist master at all!

“My son, when you return, bring some more money and give it to Master Mo as the acknowledgement fee. Learn well from her and work hard to learn the ability to extend your life… As long as you are healthy and safe, I have nothing to ask for!”

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