The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny - Chapter 1158 - Paranoia  

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Chapter 1158: Paranoia

The woman seemed to be afraid that people might be eavesdropping, so she only said a few words.

“Why don’t you follow me to my home to take a look? My niece isn’t home right now, but she should be home in a couple of hours. If there’s no problem, then I’ll look for a doctor to take a look. If there’s a problem… I’ll have to trouble you, master,” the woman said.

Xie Qiao could understand the woman’s thoughts.

Before a woman was about to get married, it would not be good to create too much of a commotion. If the in-laws could not tolerate that, they might break off the engagement.

This person first took out a hundred taels of silver. Clearly, her family was wealthy.

Xie Qiao had also captured souls for ordinary people before. The price was not high, some even paid over ten cash only.

People like this who did not care about the price and paid silver notes directly were all big families.

Xie Qiao took the banknotes, informed Shopkeeper Chang, carried the bamboo basket, and went straight into the carriage.

She was not afraid of danger.

Although her fate could not be seen clearly, every morning, a simple good or bad fortune could still be predicted. Today was not a good day, but there were no signs of evil.

This family hid themselves quite well. The carriage turned around and moved. It went around several streets of the capital. After about four hours when Xie Qiao was about to fall apart, only did it stop.

They arrived at a courtyard.

This courtyard was quite grand. It was quite close to the courtyard of Prince Ning Bei’s mansion. It was obvious that the family did not guard against her. They were probably afraid of being followed.

Xie Qiao got off the carriage and followed her inside.

After entering the courtyard, the woman then said, “Master, to tell you the truth, this niece of mine was at most naive and willful in the past. She definitely did not have a cruel and vicious temper. However, everything has changed in the past month or two. Her temperament has suddenly changed drastically. She would be angry at anyone she sees. Occasionally, when I talked to her, if things did not go her way, she would get angry again. Several servants in the house were killed. Her mother was afraid that she would cause trouble, so she did not dare to let her see anyone. She was trapped in the house. However, the more she’s trapped, the more paranoid she became…

“It’s only a few days away from the wedding. If this goes on, there will definitely be trouble on the day of the wedding!” The woman was very anxious.

“Does she have any dissatisfaction with her future husband?” Xie Qiao asked.

“I don’t think so. That child’s future is not bad either. He is a young master in the capital. She agrees with this marriage as well. She must have adored that young master.” The woman sighed and denied Xie Qiao’s words.

Xie Qiao had not seen her yet, so she could not say for sure what was wrong with her.

The woman invited her to the main hall and drank tea for a while. After waiting for more than an hour, she finally saw her.

Xie Qiao was stunned when he saw her.

He saw the Fourth Prince walking over with his people.

The girl next to him was wearing a hat. Even Xie Qiao could see that she was reluctant to come from afar.

Xie Qiao could not say that she knew him, so she pretended not to know him and said calmly, “Is this the girl? Can you take off her hat and let me have a look?”

The Fourth Prince nodded.

Only then did she see the girl’s face.

It was the first princess.

“I heard from my brother that Master Mo is good at reading a person’s facial features. I have no intention to test you, so I’ll speak frankly.” The Fourth Prince was quite straightforward, he immediately said, “It’s just that my sister is a little sick. Please take a look, master. There’s no need to hide anything from my brother, but I hope that you won’t reveal anything to the others.”

“Sure.” Xie Qiao nodded.

The Fourth Prince was an honest person. It seemed that he was only sending the person over.

He sat down obediently. Then, he took out a book from his pocket and lowered his head to read. He did not ask about anything else.

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