The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny - Chapter 1157 - Personality Change   

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Chapter 1157: Personality Change


Xie Qiao understood what Mo Lingzi was thinking.

“How can two taels of silver be enough? But Master, you can’t hold on to money. No matter how much I give you, it’s useless. Every time you go out, it should be just right for you to ask the accounts for ten taels of silver. I won’t lock you up. You can do whatever you want. It’s just that… It’s not good for you to spread the word that I’m a Taoist master who can capture souls.” Xie Qiao looked at him with a smile. “As a young lady from a noble family, a ghoul is terrifying. If it gets out, it’ll scare people.”

Mo Lingzi’s eyes widened. “You can’t tell others?!”

“Yes.” Xie Qiao nodded seriously. “Now, I’m not only your incomparably powerful junior sister, Mo Chusheng, but also your disciple, Xie Qiao, who knows a little about Taoist scriptures. You can’t mix me up. I’m not as powerful as senior aunty.”

Mo Lingzi’s mind was a little confused.

Does this mean that he can only show off his junior sister and not his disciple?

What did that mean?

Mo Lingzi became a little listless.

“Master, if you are confused, everyone in the world would know that the dignified Princess Consort cultivates to capture souls. Those old-fashioned people in the imperial court would have to pay respect to the Crown Prince. They might even force the Crown Prince to divorce his wife. Even the Xie family will be despised. Perhaps in the future, I will have to live on the streets with you and read fortunes for others. However, Master always offends people. My health is not good, and if I get beaten during fortune-telling, my life… Sigh…” After Xie Qiao finished, she sighed faintly and looked very worried.

“You only know how to scare me.” Mo Lingzi glared at her. “In the past, when you weren’t feeling well, you did not talk so much.”

However, now, she was speaking so coherently that it took him a lot of effort to listen to her.

Xie Qiao raised her eyebrows and was quite proud of herself.

Although her master’s words would offend people, she had always attached great importance to her matters. Even when he was drunk, he would not spout nonsense.

Of course, this was also the result of his “teaching” when she was young.

Countless times, she had taken advantage of her master’s drunkenness to get him to talk. Every time she succeeded, she would take a lot of the money he saved for alcohol. As time went by, whenever she was mentioned, her master would think before he spoke.

Mo Lingzi was a little disappointed, but when he saw Xie Qiao’s lively appearance, he was even happier.

She had come to the right place in the capital.

Look at her now. Her small face was flushed with a healthy blush. Her talking speed had not changed, but it did not sound fake. Even her coughs had decreased, not to mention the number of times she fainted.

Mo Lingzi could not help but have a good impression of Xie Niushan’s family and the Crown Prince.

He was happy.

Xie Qiao had initially planned to make a trip to the criminal division the next day. However, before she could make it, Chun Er received news from the Fortune Pavilion first. Xie Qiao, who looked like Mo Chusheng, hurriedly went over to take a look.

The person who had come was quite anxious. Xie Qiao did not recognize her.

When the other party saw her, she was also very polite, but she was a little cautious.

She was a woman.

The woman looked fearful and hesitated for a moment, then she said, “I heard that Master has a good ability to catch souls and monsters. I think that you must have seen a lot of things. If I ask you for help, will what you saw… be spread out?”

“If you want to hide it, I will naturally keep it a secret for you.” Xie Qiao immediately understood what she meant.

She looked at this person’s facial features. There was not any major problem or disaster.

Even her parents palace and children palace were quite normal.

“Alright, if Master can keep a secret, there will be benefits for you after the matter is settled,” the woman said before continuing, “I came to you not for myself, but for my niece. She is about to get married, but for some reason, her personality has changed recently…”

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