The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny - Chapter 1154 - Thick-skinned  

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Chapter 1154: Thick-skinned

Xie Qiao looked at the little fool in front of her and thought of the Junior Brother Meng that her teacher had once described to her…

The difference was like heaven and earth!

Imperial Duke Meng could be considered the most honorable duke in the capital. His ancestors fought together with the founding emperor, and the successive emperors also attached great importance to the Meng family. Thus, this title of nobility stood high throughout the ages.

As his junior brother was a member of the Meng family, Xie Qiao also had some understanding of the family.

The Meng family was noble. The men in the family could only take in concubines when they were over 40, so there were not many children in the family. Meng Yan was the direct grandson of the Meng family’s eldest son. Since he was young, he was fearless of anything. He was also the most uncontrollable person among all her junior brothers, except for the Crown Prince. His teacher could not control him the most.

It was said that when he first became his teacher, Meng Yan wanted to follow the Crown Prince to be a family of sect brothers. That was why he pestered his teacher and waited at the intersection every day. Otherwise, he would directly barge into the Royal Academy. Delicious food and drinks were sent to his teacher’s courtyard. He was so annoying that his teacher could not eat or sleep well. There was really no other way…

He also felt that he was quite smart and had a good personality, so he took him in as a disciple.

However, although he was a disciple of his teacher, he was the least talented.

He did not make any progress.

His ability to play and visit the brothels was too much, and he could not study.

If nothing unexpected happened, he would have a noble title in the future, so he did not need to take the path of an official. In addition, the Meng family did not have any requirements for him, so this person was even more willful. Among the rich young playboys in the capital, Meng Jifang and him, their rankings were not inferior to others.

Xie Qiao had heard of him long ago, but this was the first time she had met him.

She just did not expect that she would not meet her junior brother. The first time she met him, he had become a fool!

Xie Qiao could not help but take a careful look.

This Meng Yan… really had the qualifications to be a playboy.

He had a pair of eyes that attracted romance and was born with a bit of flirtatious looks. He was good-looking, but his appearance had broken the hearts of countless people.

“He’s silly, but he doesn’t have evil energy in her. It must be due to the disaster he encountered. Since he’s here in the capital, he should be fine if he visits a few doctors later,” Xie Qiao said.

“Yes, I see that his soul is still stable,” Mo Lingzi said immediately.

Meng Yan seemed to like Xie Qiao very much. If Zhao Xuanjing did not stop him, this person would have pounced on her again.

“Little sister,” he called out again.

“What little sister? This is your senior sister. How rude.” Zhao Xuanjing snorted, there were no outsiders here, so Xie Qiao’s identity was not a secret. When he thought of another junior brother and how he was so attentive to Xie Qiao, he did not feel good. He thought for a while, then he said again, “Call her the Princess Consort. If you dare to offend her, I’ll throw you into the river.”

Meng Yan pouted and looked at Mo Lingzi with a wronged expression. “He’s terrible!”

Mo Lingzi felt his heart ache. “Don’t cry. This is the Crown Prince. My head isn’t worth much to him. Be good and call her sister when he’s gone…”

Zhao Xuanjing glanced at Mo Lingzi quietly.

He decided to be closer to Xie Qiao for the time being so that Mo Lingzi would not bring this little fool over to be alone with Xie Qiao.

However, while Zhao Xuanjing despised him, he could not help but raise his eyebrows and admire Meng Yan a few more times.

“This kid’s current behavior is more likable than usual. No wonder even Master is so gentle to him,” Zhao Xuanjing could not help but say.

Mo Lingzi lowered his head silently.

Who was he calling his master… This Crown Prince is quite thick-skinned…

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