The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny - Chapter 1142 - Not a Single Decent Person

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Chapter 1142: Not a Single Decent Person

Sang You’s flattery was so loud that it shocked Meng Jifang, and his eyes almost popped out.

Oh no, these two masters must have been seriously ill to have such a drastic change in personality!

Meng Jifang thought that the change was temporary, but he never expected that it would be like that for the rest of the time. Teacher Xiao refused to look at anyone, and Teacher Sang’s romantic poems came out one after another. It was as if he had eaten a lot of poetry recently, and his output was astonishing.

As for this Young Master Jiang…

Now that he could see ghouls, he was always in a state of shock. He even vomited from time to time. It was quite pitiful.

However, secretly, the most pitiful person was none other than Old Master Li.

What kind of sin had he committed in his previous life to actually take in so many disciples in this life?

There was not a single decent person.

Meng Jifang tried his best to endure for another night. The next morning, he finally returned to the capital. He breathed a sigh of relief. He had lived for so long, but he had never been so cowardly. He had never been with these teachers. It was really difficult… He was wrong to even breathe.

Especially Mo Chusheng.

She was really strict with him. Even when he was eating, he had to chew and swallow slowly in front of her. Occasionally, she would ask him about some Taoist scriptures!

How would he know?! He had lived for so long and had never read any scriptures. He was not at the age of his grandmother, so he was not interested in these things!

If it were not for the fact that he might have to look for her to solve the disaster, he would not have listened obediently!

After being a coward for the past two days and returning to the capital, Meng Jifang really let himself go.

He immediately looked for his good brothers.

These brothers had grown up with him and had a good relationship with him. If it were not for this, they would have cut ties with these people for abandoning him and running away.

“Boss, you actually came back in one piece? How was it? The Crown Prince didn’t hit you, did he?” The moment they arrived, they took a careful look at him.

He actually looked pretty good, but… he did not seem to be in a good mood.

“How dare you say that! You promised to go with me, but what happened?!” Meng Jifang rolled his eyes at them. “When you guys saw the Crown Prince, your soul was gone! Is he really that scary?!”

Hearing this, they looked at him helplessly. “Boss, what do you think? If the Crown Prince was not scary, we wouldn’t have run away. Besides, those two teachers were there. Were we going on a spring outing or listening to a lecture?”

“That’s right. We’re all idiots. We don’t think before we speak. It’s easy to offend people. If the Crown Prince gets angry, we won’t have a good ending.”

“Boss, you’re different. No matter how much you insult the Crown Prince, the most he could do is give you a few reprimands. With the Fourth Prince protecting you, your head is still solid.”

As they spoke, Meng Jifang snorted.

“Enough, don’t talk about these useless things. I’ll accept your apology reluctantly, but you have to show me your sincerity, right?” Meng Jifang said shamelessly.

They all muttered secretly. They did not express their apology at all…

However, Meng Jifang still had to save his dignity.

“Definitely! There were a few newly hired singers in my family, and two of them are from Mount Rong. They’re extremely beautiful! Their eyes are like gemstones, and their waists are thin and soft. Boss, do you want to take a look?” One of them hurriedly asked.

Meng Jifang wanted to go.

However, he suddenly recalled what Mo Chusheng said.

She said that after he returned to the capital, there would be two disasters. One was a beauty, and the other was a gambling game…

“What’s wrong, boss? Did you really learn to be obedient after going out with the teachers?” Someone teased him.

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