The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny - Chapter 1116 - Could Afford It  

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Chapter 1116: Could Afford It

Sang You almost went crazy.

His zither!

This zither was given to him by his teacher. It was an ancient zither that had been in good condition for many years. He had always kept it carefully and never dared to use force to hit it!

However, now, this man had actually struck it with a single strike!

The strings were completely broken, and the body was also split open. At this condition, it was absolutely impossible to repair!

In an instant, Sang You’s eyes turned red as he stared furiously at Xie Pinggang.

Xie Pinggang, on the other hand, calmly put away his blade. “Are you stupid? Why are you sitting on a rock and playing? Can’t you sit in the carriage? You still have to trouble me to save you. Fortunately, I followed you this time. Otherwise, you’d be waiting to see the King of Hell!”

Was it his fault?!

“Senior Brother Sang, look over there.” Jiang Jinlu saw that he was angry and quickly pointed at the thing that fell to the ground.

Sang You looked at it angrily, but his expression changed.

It was a spider. This spider was frighteningly black, and it looked quite poisonous.

For a moment, Sang You’s body tensed up. He was neither angry nor not angry. His zither was really more important than his life, but if he lost his life, this zither would not be his anymore…

He looked dejected. After a moment of silence, he put away his broken zither and put it back into the carriage. His whole body exuded an aura that he did not want to talk. It was quite scary.

“He is quite angry.” Even Xie Pinggang felt that this person was living a strange life.

He was not happy even though he had saved his life.

Was it not just a zither? It was just a piece of broken wood and a few strings.

“Please forgive him, Master. This zither… was given to him by my teacher. It has accompanied him for a long time. Not to mention the kindness, but the value of the zither itself… Sigh…” Xiao Yurong felt his heart ache. “This zither is unparalleled in the world. We can’t find another one.”

“Is it very expensive? How much is it?” Xie Pinggang’s heart skipped a beat.

That piece of wood did not look special, right?

“It’s expensive.” Xiao Yurong also knew how to play the zither and flute, and he was quite good at it. Now that such a good instrument was gone, he could not get his spirits up either.”This is a seven-stringed zither, one of the five zithers in the world. It is called “silence”. The price… for some people, it is a priceless treasure.”

“What if it is for ordinary people?” Xie Pinggang asked.

Xiao Yurong was stunned.

After thinking for a while, he gave a number. “There is only one silent zither. I have never bought it, so there is no fixed price. But for the other four famous zithers, one of them was sold for 80,000 taels of silver.”

“How much?!” Xie Pinggang shouted at the top of his voice.

Xiao Yurong was shocked.

“It’s just a broken zither. One can make it by cutting down a tree and polishing it. It doesn’t even need to be tempered. How can it be so valuable?!” Xie Pinggang was stunned.

Xiao Yurong wanted to say that the price was not too high.

It was one of the five zithers in the world. No one could buy it with money!

It was said that many years ago, there was a rich businessman who wanted to buy a zither for 200,000 taels of silver, but no one sold it!

This 80,000 taels of silver was definitely the price for people who appreciated zithers!

However, the price was indeed terrifyingly high. It was no wonder that Xie Pinggang was so surprised. “Since it’s broken, Master Xie, you don’t have to worry about it. Junior Brother Sang’s life is more precious than the zither.”

“How can that be? How can it be worth 80,000 taels of silver? He would just be bitten by a spider. There’s no guarantee that he’d die…” Xie Pinggang looked like he was about to cry, he looked as if he had just eaten poison. “What’s the point of bringing such an expensive thing out of the house? Aren’t you afraid that others will steal it?”

If he had known that the price was this high, he definitely would not have struck it with his blade!

“I swear to God, I really didn’t do it on purpose just now. I thought this broken… this zither was only worth a few dozen taels of silver. I thought I could afford to pay for it…”

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